Sunday hues

This afternoon wears my sadness in her palest eyes of Sunday blues she said she’s not a languid Friday, with arms stretched out in forever she is the ending of infinity the beginning of an end she huddles from the cold, she is a dancer in slow motion, falling and her smile is thin and […]

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The psychology of air

The psychology of the air has changed her pathology She calls to me and sits here on the couch for therapy She’s embodied with her hair a whirlwind and she whispers secrets that are heavier than oxygen The air, now her particles are loneliness Through paper masks she rustles, breathless with anxiety The very air, […]

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A lament for my lost instrument

It’s a pleasing thing to hear my whispers turned into roars by the ocean, timid sounds that roll around seashell necklaces of the mermaids I beg to magnify the crescendo of the waves and I crave the thunderous noise of my fingers like a pianoforte in the seafoam, or a screaming storm in a teacup […]

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A reverie of geography

Would you join me in my reverie? Again, you know that country where geography mattered less than whims of ours Remember how we wrote with my red lips and skinny dipping was significant on the map and so was everything, my freckles were like confessions of the sunshine we explored intimately with our hedonistic hands […]

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Trenchcoat futility

Today I put on my trench coat full of desires of a different day I tuck my magnifying glass into my pocket and I am a bloodhound, hunting the air for your scent of poetry, vinyl and paint and hints of smoke and mirrors. I pad softly behind you, full of delusions and confusions I’m […]

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Peter Pans in Ever-land

There was a time when Forever was an easy thing to say when the leaves were luscious promises of another day and we inhaled the air with elastin lungs and hungry tongues That flourished in a bloom on our tastebuds Then, darkness was faraway and we were Peter Pans in ever-land dancing bodies, glasses in […]

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Robot vs girl

He told her a story about how you can calculate anything, you just need logic and a formula. She told him a story about how she can’t follow convention, even if she tries. He told her a story he said was mundane. She saw the intrigue and the mystery in the details. Contradictions, like icing, […]

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