Cold shoulders

This silence is cold a state of hypothermia a phenomena of frost on bitten fingertips, now twice shy, paralysed by this freeze – I dont know why I can’t warm my underdressed shoulders or where is my coat with silver linings? I feel a shiver where I need your breath to break the iciness of […]

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A daze of melancholic days

I know these melancholy mornings wellyet they don’t even know themselvesfrom afternoons or eveningsTheir presence is distinguishedby a lackof distinguishing features,They are faceless, anaemiceyes white with meaningless lieslike the weather is ‘fine’(it isn’t ,and neither are they) –Those days sigh,and their sympathies lie with a book whose pages were never turned,lostbeside dregs of leftover dreamsand a […]

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Seeing in the dark

Draw the curtains on your shadow full and dense give me. black out. blinds and velvet shades – your greyest greys turn off the lights in the middle of the day give me. darkness. that I can see and touch with charcoal gloves I draw my name But I see the outlines of your soul […]

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Daisy in a chain

I was incognito myself a sum of zero masquerading as a daisy in a chain, Sometimes it’s safer that way in numbers where you’re all the same hiding in between the spaces, tied within the laces round your wrists. I was bound, unable to be found camoflaged, a chameleon in a crowd I lost myself […]

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Too much

I heard the sea crying from my bedroom, rhythmic and soft like a cello in mourning for her bow, or a lover drowning in tears so inky and deep they enveloped me too until my own face was crystalline and covered in salt water and the moon dragged my mind in and out with the […]

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Rainbows vs predators

First: words circle my mind, like the swirling, twirling colours of a gymnasts’ ribbontheir rhythmic flutter brushing my mind gently, like the hair pushed back from my neck by a kiss.A selection of focused clarities, emotions in fluid motionwaiting to pour from my soul in a tumble of happiness. ….. Second: words stalking my mind, […]

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An oversized world

you were too small when the world tried you on for size it grew your skeleton from tragedies too quickly, hardening your spine and traumatizing you with heavy folds of life upon your glossy shoulders the world was too big for you to wear, no-one to realise it clung to you, and pierced your milky […]

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Unsaid things

have you ever wandered the dynamics of unsaid things? the lost words that gather in melancholy parties in the corners of our minds filling their cups with punch half full of shame and spilling over with fear until you are so drenched you feel like you’re drowning in a viscous liquid of regret those kind […]

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Clingy with goodbyes

I found my first goodbye in the palm of my mother’s hands, sharp against the smooth satin of our skin this goodbye was the rainy day that shaped the retinas of my eyes and the vertebrae of my soul It lasted longer than the days and the weeks I grazed my knees with it and […]

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Soothed by the night

I slip neatly into the warm night, it took my shadow and projected it over the sun making me one with a fragrant darkness, in a breath, I hold it’s hand and submit to this comfortable invisibility unobscured by daytime glare my thoughts spread out, strolling the night air, suspending themselves in the clarity of […]

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