At home

I’m not at home when I’m at home – you know I got lost somewhere, some-way within the silent echo of the wordless melody from your fingertips – circles etched into my skin with vibrant ink I cannot fade I can’t erase this tattoo of you it’s the harmony of this song that was from […]

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Cat and mouse

You catch my gaze and devour me with intensity in this cat and mouse game right here in this crowded room you turn me inside out with your eyes so you can see me in your fantasy and pounce – inside our imaginations I see you too ..

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A box of your words

I found, a faded dusty box. Inside I found, not faded memories but those shining as bright as a neon lamp that I saw yesterday Suggesting I go in I opened the box. And longing for a broken dream jumped out and sat on my heart like an unexpected jack in the box given life […]

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Devastated words

That September, I didn’t see the moon all month, I remembered the dark skies, my horoscope of hopelessness the moon like a past lover, she hid from my desperation and my devastated words, like ‘we’ and ‘us’ singularly scattered in the ocean like ripped up poems from yesterday even the moon could not bare the […]

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An oversized world

you were too small when the world tried you on for size it grew your skeleton from tragedies too quickly, hardening your spine and traumatizing you with heavy folds of life upon your glossy shoulders the world was too big for you to wear, no-one to realise it clung to you, and pierced your milky […]

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thinking room

I need a little time to come around, I need a little thinking room, to sort the gold from the glitter, the glitter from the gold, I could never tell the difference here, sitting on the fence fingers made of lead, and eyelids made of dread my dusky world running superspeed too fast to see […]

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The disposition of nightmares

that’s the thing about nightmares – disposition; methodical, sadistic malignant like ivory thieves they don’t mind where you sleep or what you do to keep them away that’s their modus operandi they’re going nowhere and taking you with them, locked up in the boot of their car they’ll find you anywhere you hide, as soon […]

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