In your empty room my fingers touch your silence put their ears to your mysteries, and listen to the histories like potent dust they gently touch and trace the lines within In your open palm my fingers read each page of you, your memories like they’re written in the braille of scar tissue I walk […]

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Elephants in the room

It seemed I was in the mood for reflections and dark dreams, whether I liked it or not. Some things you don’t get to choose. I knew it by the way my thoughts were shifting in the shadows, taking form and approaching me while I was sleeping. Snipers at the window of my soul, following […]

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Minor keys and memories

I heard the keys in the soft notes that undo me at the lock of my soul it’s music that waltzes with ghosts and squeezes my throat in a mahogany room In key changes I slip from the present to something so comfortable in harmonies my heart is untied by the subtleties of silken strings […]

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Solace in a metaphor

Empty bottles on the counter mean apologies in a dressing gown For the slurred words that broke a petal from this rose and crushed it into velvet spiders With the soles of his slippers I drift along the wooden floors a mass of scarlet petals scattered Groveling, looking for a crack To swallow me in […]

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Days of flat-lining

I checked the pulse of this day and listened at its fragile wrist for vital signs and I heard rain within the heart of it the muted silence sounds like Sunday in flat-lining disarray with no writing left upon my palm and nothing left to say …. Photograph: Gabriel Isak

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Galaxy in a moment

I am contemplative, as I try to fit a galaxy in a moment – I stretch it across the sea between us in my fantasies we are pangaea and a panacea, a continent and a cure-all and I freeze time and watch glaciers form in the film in the corners of your eyes when you […]

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Daisy in a chain

I was incognito myself a sum of zero masquerading as a daisy in a chain, Sometimes it’s safer that way in numbers where you’re all the same hiding in between the spaces, tied within the laces round your wrists. I was bound, unable to be found camoflaged, a chameleon in a crowd I lost myself […]

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