Invitation to inspiration

I invited inspiration to come sit with me in my living room but instead she climbed into my mind and poured me a gaze so laced in longing I could drown in that fabric of her eyes and yet I wondered how she might dress without her melancholic yearnings and adorations of the moon and […]

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Seduction and destruction

The darkest night, wore red lips and black fingernails. Glossy hair like street lamps on dark pavement, Trecherous and slick with rain She crossed your mind before you looked both ways and you wished that you could turn back time and forget – That darkest night, she wore decadent jewelery glittering strings of shattered glass […]

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Carried away

I followed the journey of your mind. I didn’t care about the costs. I didn’t care about the logistics. Fuck all the moats that I could drown in, and all the boats I could get carried away on, I wanted to get carried away. All I knew was that I wanted to be there, to […]

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I see you

You don’t see me, but I see you. Your downy fine hair of self-starvation is like a halo of an angel pushed to desperation. Dark hungry eyes, numb and empty. You grew too tall, too fast. Too much too soon and you still see it all at midnight when dreams surround you with sickening eyes, […]

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Clingy with goodbyes

I found my first goodbye in the palm of my mother’s hands, sharp against the smooth satin of our skin this goodbye was the rainy day that shaped the retinas of my eyes and the vertebrae of my soul It lasted longer than the days and the weeks I grazed my knees with it and […]

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Shadow games

As I walk alone The dusk of my mind Is a lonely and foreboding place Where nothing is black or white and puppet trees use twilight shadows To become hyperboles of themselves, Their leaves bullying me with rustling threats and whispered bets about my racing thoughts and catastrophic interpretations. I blur the edges And turn […]

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Dreams of herself

There was a girl Her eyes blurred with rain and skin bleached by ghosts Her hair a wistful wysteria on a sun-drenched porch, that she wound round her fingers while she dreamed Of a self that she always looked for … She dreamed of a house Where purple flowers of her hair became a paintbrush, […]

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