Cold shoulders

This silence is cold a state of hypothermia a phenomena of frost on bitten fingertips, now twice shy, paralysed by this freeze – I dont know why I can’t warm my underdressed shoulders or where is my coat with silver linings? I feel a shiver where I need your breath to break the iciness of […]

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Sound bites

You never leave my imagination as you speak, You enunciate your words like you are eating them from my body with your teeth One By One Every Letter Every Sound Deliberate and slow, at first and then, whole sentences. Paragraphs and metaphors that graze me with their cadence, as though the very accents of your […]

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A box of your words

I found, a faded dusty box. Inside I found, not faded memories but those shining as bright as a neon lamp that I saw yesterday Suggesting I go in I opened the box. And longing for a broken dream jumped out and sat on my heart like an unexpected jack in the box given life […]

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Devastated words

That September, I didn’t see the moon all month, I remembered the dark skies, my horoscope of hopelessness the moon like a past lover, she hid from my desperation and my devastated words, like ‘we’ and ‘us’ singularly scattered in the ocean like ripped up poems from yesterday even the moon could not bear the […]

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So, what will it be?

Alone I place my mind down on the table between my glass and the cryptic clues from the day the tarnished cutlery ready for a dissection of the delinquent bouquet – a centrepiece of brutal reflection “Love me or love me not?” whisper the flayed and wayward petals, bruised but still beautiful like lipstick marks […]

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A gaze he had to meet

even in this crowded room it was the type of gaze that filled the air between them, it swerved the corners of reality with tangibility – he felt it’s whispers wrap the shoulders of his fears and write a message in the atmosphere for him to see the invitation that she painted there, in silken […]

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The noisy silence

Another Monday and I still can’t hear The DJ of this silent disco He packed a duffel bag for his silence And left it in the middle of my room I trip over the absent echos  As I look for the volume control In this bag full of muted music An excruciating crescendo The loudest […]

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A song that keeps me awake

A middle of the night, insomniac reblog of the same song that still keeps me awake… … I replay you in my mind, over and over,. Like the loved, beautiful song in my head, all night, I cannot sleep with you on repeat. … I close my eyes, and wait for the inevitable chorus of […]

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Robot vs girl

He told her a story about how you can calculate anything, you just need logic and a formula. She told him a story about how she can’t follow convention, even if she tries. He told her a story he said was mundane. She saw the intrigue and the mystery in the details. Contradictions, like icing, […]

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Marsh mellow

Seeking sweet marsh, peaceful expanse, I’m looking for words like needles in a melody stack. Rushes immense and patted down reeds, I can’t see the woods for the marshy word trees. You’d think I’d give up, you’d think I would leave, this maddening search for words left for me. Instead I’m still lost, I long […]

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