Minor keys and memories

I heard the keys in the soft notes that undo me at the lock of my soul it’s music that waltzes with ghosts and squeezes my throat in a mahogany room In key changes I slip from the present to something so comfortable in harmonies my heart is untied by the subtleties of silken strings […]

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Solace in a metaphor

Empty bottles on the counter mean apologies in a dressing gown For the slurred words that broke a petal from this rose and crushed it into velvet spiders With the soles of his slippers I drift along the wooden floors a mass of scarlet petals scattered Groveling, looking for a crack To swallow me in […]

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Days of flat-lining

I checked the pulse of this day and listened at its fragile wrist for vital signs and I heard rain within the heart of it the muted silence sounds like Sunday in flat-lining disarray with no writing left upon my palm and nothing left to say …. Photograph: Gabriel Isak

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Galaxy in a moment

I am contemplative, as I try to fit a galaxy in a moment – I stretch it across the sea between us in my fantasies we are pangaea and a panacea, a continent and a cure-all and I freeze time and watch glaciers form in the film in the corners of your eyes when you […]

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Daisy in a chain

I was incognito myself a sum of zero masquerading as a daisy in a chain, Sometimes it’s safer that way in numbers where you’re all the same hiding in between the spaces, tied within the laces round your wrists. I was bound, unable to be found camoflaged, a chameleon in a crowd I lost myself […]

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Soft landing

I am falling or maybe I have fallen in four letter words like your arms I am crashing or maybe I have crashed my tempest onto your shores where I’m finding I have found that you love the feel of my waves I have fallen and you are my soft landing

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Obvious in the forest

The forest sees me, how I look at it’s empty spaces in the clearings I’m sure I hear it’s breath quicken like wind through lace Or is that my own? Needily the forest thinks I made a bed for us from pine needles, and felt the imprints on our skin within my mind – I […]

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