The contents of a goodbye

It was the type of goodbye Where we made love on your suitcase everything closed and zipped except me, undone Even with you pressed against me I was overflowing trying to pack my words with essentials of meaning and intention so they were like satin, like my hair, like my mind like the nuances of […]

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Invitation to inspiration

I invited inspiration to come sit with me in my living room but instead she climbed into my mind and poured me a gaze so laced in longing I could drown in that fabric of her eyes and yet I wondered how she might dress without her melancholic yearnings and adorations of the moon and […]

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Sound bites

You never leave my imagination as you speak, You enunciate your words like you are eating them from my body with your teeth One By One Every Letter Every Sound Deliberate and slow, at first and then, whole sentences. Paragraphs and metaphors that graze me with their cadence, as though the very accents of your […]

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Carried away

I followed the journey of your mind. I didn’t care about the costs. I didn’t care about the logistics. Fuck all the moats that I could drown in, and all the boats I could get carried away on, I wanted to get carried away. All I knew was that I wanted to be there, to […]

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Clingy with goodbyes

I found my first goodbye in the palm of my mother’s hands, sharp against the smooth satin of our skin this goodbye was the rainy day that shaped the retinas of my eyes and the vertebrae of my soul It lasted longer than the days and the weeks I grazed my knees with it and […]

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Falling through time

I make my world close, I put the sign up on the door and rest myself there as I pull threads until I unravel. I make myself smaller until I am invisible within it, even to myself, and I am happy here, with no-one and nothing. I feel desperate for the solace and I curl […]

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The boom freezes us in time and the clock stops – chimes in with a gift that shocks our pulse and floods our synapses, with tick tock packages of phosphorescence, incandescent, no? Really, I feel like we’re all a flock of fireflies in swirling smoke, evocative shadows on our lips I catch the static of […]

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seeing the bones

in a lonely demolition and like an x-ray of yesterday my home is just the bones where skeleton walls expose my heart and soul and shed the porcelain of my skin baring every thing within with surgical precision and like the onion of my life, i feel the thinness of my skin and know your […]

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