Sound bites

You never leave my imagination as you speak, You enunciate your words like you are eating them from my body with your teeth One By One Every Letter Every Sound Deliberate and slow, at first and then, whole sentences. Paragraphs and metaphors that graze me with their cadence, as though the very accents of your […]

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Press pause on time

Wait here a minute, hold the hands of the clock while I try to find the words to say to you press pause on the hourglass hold its waist, slow down the sand while I try to speak in measured portions – I need you to understand why these bite-sized indents stain my lips as […]

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Too much

I heard the sea crying from my bedroom, rhythmic and soft like a cello in mourning for her bow, or a lover drowning in tears so inky and deep they enveloped me too until my own face was crystalline and covered in salt water and the moon dragged my mind in and out with the […]

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Don’t go there

his house meant many things like the sound of her noisy heart pounding in a snake pit surrounded by flowers and smiles and Sunday dinners – his house meant her life on the stove, ready to be served to a hungry wolf her tongue for desert sweetened with innocence salted with tears at birthdays, his […]

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Carried away

I followed the journey of your mind. I didn’t care about the costs. I didn’t care about the logistics. Fuck all the moats that I could drown in, and all the boats I could get carried away on, I wanted to get carried away. All I knew was that I wanted to be there, to […]

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Friday brights

With you Friday nights are always beautiful and breathless achingly so your eyes a sea of wild – petals fallen from a feral rose, a bouquet that bites in contradictions at my throat where you play softened words and quickened heartbeats in that space within your gaze magnolias that line a city street I flourish […]

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Under and over

From under I watch the waves of your breath as they roll with the tide of your thoughts into my shoulders they crash thirsty shores like a drink while the beach of your mind, gently washes your driftwood wishes into sea that you find is my skin shipwrecked in dunes you listen to sounds in […]

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