The poem inside a poem

There is a poem in every poem  In a box of words that are not spoken  Not in the porcelain display that’s chosen  For what we want to show  .. So many stories within each story Perhaps of love or allegory  Hinting at a different story That we do not want to know … They might […]

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Robot vs girl

He told her a story about how you can calculate anything, you just need logic and a formula. She told him a story about how she can’t follow convention, even if she tries. He told her a story he said was mundane. She saw the intrigue and the mystery in the details. Contradictions, like icing, […]

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A living-room boat

Artwork by Pat Mellow, link below These dreams, Scented with hope and jasmine Hip-hopped from a creased envelope, And built a boat in his living room. … This boat, Painted with notes of blues and glorious Brown Demanded free of his weary furniture And took him out on a journey … This journey Unfolded itself […]

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Can I be your silver spoon?

Can I be your silver spoon? Feed your starving mouth And scoop the curve behind your starving body? Oh! Desire … Can I leave a souvenir? Just one faint trace of our embrace A poem in the curve of your chocolatey mouth? Delicious … Can I be your glass half full? The other half of […]

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Lines of love

Inspired by this beautiful artwork by Muntazir (link below) … A paper disguise for a velvet love A love too much to stay on one page Over and flowing the folds of her dress As strong and soft as water A warm infinity pool of soft Cashmere blankets, Obsidian strength and kissed tears. Arms trace […]

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Heavy baggage

I try, every moment, I promise I arrive at the gate with a push from the wind The bags I have carried this far Suddenly slip through my fingers, landing heavily In the long grass .. I can’t go on. I can’t, Frustration gathers in the building gale, Harassing my hair into my face and […]

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