Marsh mellow

Seeking sweet marsh, peaceful expanse, I’m looking for words like needles in a melody stack. Rushes immense and patted down reeds, I can’t see the woods for the marshy word trees. You’d think I’d give up, you’d think I would leave, this maddening search for words left for me. Instead I’m still lost, I long […]

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I once had a table. Smooth, beautiful, etched with lines of life. Darkened and discoloured by shared dinners, tears, spilt laughter, a banquet of stories. Chipped by lack of care paradoxically from love, and solid yet creaky from craftsmanship and age. I once had more than I knew. Young, egocentric, free from lines of life. […]

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My click on your empty star, a gentle touch but sent afar, Rewards me with an electronic purr, like a stroke of cat’s luxurious fur. Sent with like for some connection, some resonance, a kind affection. Sent from my life with all its history, my mundane, my place, my mystery. I like to think of […]

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A song that keeps me awake

I replay you in my mind, over and over,. Like the loved, beautiful song in my head, all night, I cannot sleep with you on repeat. I close my eyes, and wait for the inevitable chorus of you; the echoes of your lavish touch, the way our silences created this beautiful harmony. The lyrics that […]

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I want to: Play with words, mix with aesthetics and quirks. Forget about flour, vanilla, or sensible irks…. …. Be messy, be free, be crazy, be me, add salt, lick the bowl, use my fingers, find my soul. Take my time, keep the rhyme, what I want, drop the front. music loud, dancing proud, drop […]

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Rainbows and Predators

  First: Words circling my mind, like the swirling, twirling colours of a gymnasts’ ribbon. Their rhythmic flutter brushing my mind gently, like the hair pushed back from my neck by a kiss. A selection of focused clarities, like emotions in fluid motion, waiting to pour from my soul in a tumble of happiness. ….. […]

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Empty spaces

How do you fill an empty space? One that opened without a trace of what once was there, swallowed up, Devoured, and gaping, without a care? … How do you mend a gaping whole? One that cuts you, takes it’s toll. That leaves you staring, falling, scared, That trapped you, leaving what you feared. … […]

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