A gaze he had to meet

even in this crowded room it was the type of gaze that filled the air between them, it swerved the corners of reality with tangibility – he felt it’s whispers wrap the shoulders of his fears and write a message in the atmosphere for him to see the invitation that she painted there, in silken […]

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A little bit of abandon

The octave of my gasp escaped me, as you undid the clasp of my self-restraint, touching me at last, not fast, enough but deliciously so an adagio before you undo the last of your inhibitions as you throw them in the corner and shed your sensibilities leave them there with no caution please a little […]

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Flaws and stings

I am lost within the flurries of my own admonishments; a vast collection of poisonous swills of porcupine quills All of them, I gulp the pointed spines directed at myself And they are stalking me with stealth like a stingray; and I am betrayed, by their stings from within a spindle of my fate until […]

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Let go

Autumn dresses herself slowly she always feared this moment penultimate before her death sentient she laces the last of her beauty as she loosens her grip on the sun in a paper bag it’s a fragile wrestle and a faint rustle as her remains sink into the frozen earth declining from futile attempts of denial […]

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A lament for my lost instrument

It’s a pleasing thing to hear my whispers turned into roars by the ocean, timid sounds that roll around seashell necklaces of the mermaids I beg to magnify the crescendo of the waves and I crave the thunderous noise of my fingers like a pianoforte in the seafoam, or a screaming storm in a teacup […]

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A reverie of geography

Would you join me in my reverie? Again, you know that country where geography mattered less than whims of ours Remember how we wrote with my red lips and skinny dipping was significant on the map and so was everything, my freckles were like confessions of the sunshine we explored intimately with our hedonistic hands […]

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Trenchcoat futility

Today I put on my trench coat full of desires of a different day I tuck my magnifying glass into my pocket and I am a bloodhound, hunting the air for your scent of poetry, vinyl and paint and hints of smoke and mirrors. I pad softly behind you, full of delusions and confusions I’m […]

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