A hint of chaos (multimedia)

He sensesthe hint of chaosthat lingersat her throat like the scent of a stormin the form of the nightunexpectedlyHe says it tastesof the oceanand her shadow,dangerous complexitieslike webs of lightHe seesshe weaves with darknessand pirouettes wildly,a dancer undone after the showor the blossom that grips in the snowAnd he grasps herlike the stillness of dawnin […]

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Time lapses

Time lapses In the corners of my eyesA surprise when I turnAnd see the sun rising in the mirror Everything is Shifting and sliding Like a chord changing inarrangement of a symphony In sympathy for the flying of time In the distance There are minutes, lapping at the edges of the oceanHinting at the loneliness […]

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The boom freezes us in time and the clock stops – chimes in with a gift that shocks our pulse and floods our synapses, with tick tock packages of phosphorescence, incandescent, no? Really, I feel like we’re all a flock of fireflies in swirling smoke, evocative shadows on our lips I catch the static of […]

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Cold shoulders

This silence is cold a state of hypothermia a phenomena of frost on bitten fingertips, now twice shy, paralysed by this freeze – I dont know why I can’t warm my underdressed shoulders or where is my coat with silver linings? I feel a shiver where I need your breath to break the iciness of […]

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A daze of melancholic days

I know these melancholy mornings wellyet they don’t even know themselvesfrom afternoons or eveningsTheir presence is distinguishedby a lackof distinguishing features,They are faceless, anaemiceyes white with meaningless lieslike the weather is ‘fine’(it isn’t ,and neither are they) –Those days sigh,and their sympathies lie with a book whose pages were never turned,lostbeside dregs of leftover dreamsand a […]

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Sunday hues

This afternoon wears my sadness in her palest eyes of Sunday blues she said she’s not a languid Friday, with arms stretched out in forever she is the ending of infinity the beginning of an end she huddles from the cold, she is a dancer in slow motion, falling and her smile is thin and […]

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Seeing in the dark

Draw the curtains on your shadow full and dense give me. black out. blinds and velvet shades – your greyest greys turn off the lights in the middle of the day give me. darkness. that I can see and touch with charcoal gloves I draw my name But I see the outlines of your soul […]

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A moment of translucency

In dreams and fantasies the sea drapes her lace in gossamer traces through your fingertips her depths translucent like this lingerie she wears, at the lushness of her wild and delicate edges It’s where she finally greets the sand, with secrets of her seaweed hands she whispers foamy sighs of relief as she glides to […]

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