The boom freezes us in time
and the clock stops –
chimes in with a gift
that shocks our pulse
and floods our synapses,
with tick tock
packages of phosphorescence,
incandescent, no?
Really, I feel like we’re all
a flock of fireflies in swirling smoke,
evocative shadows on our lips
I catch the static of your skin,
we’re in and bound together
by dendritic arms of the crowd.
In the pause, I surf
the collective breath in the cool air
while I listen for yours, distinct,
An aftershock
as you push back my hair –
the clock stops, again
but i think that’s my heart,
or maybe yours
and we’re all there,
but you and I alone,



This is a poem I wrote during the Matariki (Maori new year) celebration last year which finished off with fireworks. I know many of you will be celebrating Fourth of July today, or celebrate with lights or fireworks at other times of the year (like Diwali). I was thinking of that, and you. All of you who I miss and care about on here. I haven’t been writing or on WordPress lately, and I have felt like I’ve let you down by missing posts, not responding to comments, and having ‘disappeared’ with no announcement. My shyness prevented me from making a post about it at the time, but now my desire to connect with you outweighs that. Life kind of got in the way of writing and WordPress for a while but I’m hoping to be able to dedicate some more time to it soon. I will be catching up on reading, comments, and maybe even posting some more poems again soon.

Sending love and light and fireworks to you all.

♥️ Rachel

81 thoughts on “Fireworks

  1. This poem was splendid Rachel sweetheart.

    “The boom freezes us in time
    and the clock stops –
    chimes in with a gift”
    Such a fabulous starting. 💕

    “and we’re all there,
    but you and I alone,
    Superb! Loved it❤❤

    I missed reading your work. Glad to know you are back. I hope you are doing fine❤
    Stay safe and take care😘💕
    Sending lots of love and huge hugs your way💖

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    1. Ishita, I am so lucky that you bestow your sweet heart and mind on my poems. I’m doing well, feeling like I might be getting back to my normal self. I hope you are well too. Thank you for the love and hugs, I send a whole bunch your way, and some flowers for your hair, too 💜🧡🧡

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  2. I admire and look up to your writing style. It’s a blend of beauty and realism that captivates me every time I read your work.

    It’s good to take care of yourself first before anything else.

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    1. I feel the same way about your writing John, you inspire with your honesty you weave your words with – and humour and snacks too. As for taking care of yourself first – I agree. Great advice there, friend.

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  3. Yes I miss your kind chats Rachel, but do not worry, the chimes of freedom are still ringing, and the angels bells are still playing tunes of love….

    “Where Is Love?”

    “Behind every word
    There’s a thought
    Between every thought
    There’s an emotion
    Underneath the emotion
    There’s a heartbeat
    Below the heartbeat
    There’s a soul
    Within the soul
    There lives love”

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      1. I’m going ok thanks Rachel…. oh.. I’m so pleased you liked my little piece,,,,,, I’ve submitted it to Cultural weekly’s 8th “Jack Grapes Poetry Prize”…. 😀

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  4. Rachel, I remember this beautiful poem so well! Just the right time to share it again.❤️❤️

    I have missed your writing so much but I can understand your not writing. I too have not been writing very frequently. Please don’t worry about missed posts or comments. Though I must admit I miss our conversations through them!
    Take care, sweetheart and write whenever you feel like. Much love. ❤️❤️😘

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  5. Like a photon of light,
    struggling unseen,
    in Sol’s roiling heart,
    your thoughts,
    your words,
    rise headlong
    to break free of the stormy surface,
    and in a thunderous flash
    like fireworks
    to illuminate with bright colors
    our dark skies.

    I too have been quiet. Work is using all my brain cells and It’s hard to sit in front of a computer when the weather is so nice.
    Thank you for the FLASH of creativity and don’t miss the beautiful Luna. She’s hanging out with Saturn and Jupiter these days!
    Be well Rachel.

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    1. Tim, you never cease to humble and amaze me with your incredibly beautiful and poetic responses to my work. I love this so much! If my words could “break free of the stormy surface,
      and in a thunderous flash
      like fireworks
      to illuminate with bright colors
      our dark skies.”

      Wow. I am incredibly honoured. You have poetry in your veins my friend. I’ll keep my eyes open on the skies.

      Glad you’re having beautiful weather. Your grand baby must be getting close to arriving!! All the best xo


  6. This is such a gorgeous piece Rachel.
    So nice of you to think about the 4th and to write to everyone.

    This piece moves me along with the crowd and their experience until I realize it is really only you and the person you are with at that moment. Your own fireworks. The ending is magnificent by the way. Your beautiful metaphors and carefully chosen words talk to us individually.

    Thank you for the sweet note to everyone, how very kind Rachel. Looking forward to seeing new work when you have time. For now I am blessed with your older work which is magnificent. Love 💕 and blessings always, Joni

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    1. You truly are a blessing to me sweet Joni, there is no other way to say it. I’m glad you felt the fireworks in this piece. I hope you had a wonderful Independence Day celebration my friend. Sending love 💕 ❤️

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  7. Hi Rachel. Welcome back … and of course I missed you. Then again, I’ve been away from visiting a lot the past 5-6 weeks because demands on my time. As I like to say, sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. Meanwhile, to me, I like the way you linked fireworks and intimacy. Hope all is well.

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    1. So lovely to hear from you Frank!!! Yes, sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. But then I feel guilty for not keeping up… I’m doing pretty well thanks – you? So happy you liked the poem.


  8. I too wondered where you were and I am glad to read this poem — “a flock of fireflies in swirling smoke,” great line. As you know from reading my posts most of the time I am sad as hell but something about your poems — they make me happy! You are a miracle cure for grief. Bill.

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    1. Bill, I am so struck by this:

      “most of the time I am sad as hell but something about your poems — they make me happy!” I can’t describe how happy it makes me if anything I write cheers you, even a little.

      Gosh, friend. I wish I could take some of that grief from you. Take care, sending love.


  9. Hey! You’re back! I haven’t been able to follow you quite often but this work sure is intelligent! Thoughtful and not very heavy. I don’t know, sometimes poems are very well written but sometimes the weight actually overpowers what could be a simple, dainty poem. Not that it’s bad, but blah blah blah… Either way, love the work. Boom! boom! boom!
    Peace and greetings from Sui generis 💛💛

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  10. Ah, you made us wait but it was worth waiting. My fabulous Rachel this is a smashing piece. It’s a masterpiece. It leaves the reader breathless.

    I catch the static of your skin,
    we’re in and bound together
    by dendritic arms of the crowd.
    In the pause, I surf
    the collective breath in the cool air
    while I listen for yours, distinct,
    An aftershock

    I actually cannot pick a line. This poem is so beautiful and so real that I can touched with my fingers.
    Sending plenty of love to you Rachel. Take good care of you.

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    1. Gabriela, I don’t know what to say, I miss you and I feel so terrible I am not keeping up with things. Please know I love you and admire you in ways that my lag in replying and reading does not convey. I hope you are well, I hope you are happy, and I wish for you a picnic basket to watch the sunrise with. Sending love xoxoxox


  11. Rachel, you are a brilliant poetess!!! You do wow me every single time
    I read your work. Mesmerizing and breathtaking poetry!
    I feel its just natural that life at times demands our attention…AND so lovely
    to hear you´ll be writing more! You really, really have a gift here. Much love! xoxo

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      1. Thanks so much, dear Rachel! I cannot help it, your poetry inspires me to express my admiration for your amazing gift every time I visit… I am well, thank you dear. I hope you are too! xoxoxo Much looove:)

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  12. This is the majestic tenderness my eyes yearn to read, and my mind fiends to hear. I have no greater words to describe your talent then just absolutely magical!!

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  13. You write from a place of such honesty that as a reader, I find myself always so completely drawn in, that by the time I’m done reading, I feel as though an experience has been lived through… Such a precious quality! This is beautiful, Rachel… And I love these lines – “In the pause, I surf
    the collective breath in the cool air…”


  14. Good morning Rachel,

    I hope this message finds out in good spirits.

    This poem is appropriate for Fourth of July and many other celebratory days.

    As the boom of the celebration took place. these protagonists were in a world and celebration of their own, which stopped time. There wonderful moments in time where we wished it stopped. These lovers were there. Surrounded by others, but alone as well.

    Vivid and beautifully expressed.


  15. Hey Beautiful Rachel!!! You are the sweetest. You haven’t let anyone down!!! I hope You and Yours are well. Please never worry here in blogland! You’re a wonderful gift and I think everyone understands that life happens in capital letters sometimes and pulls us away! It’s nice to see You though…and THIS AMAZING POEM!!! My sweet man and I have been together 8 years now….and a few days before our first date (which happened spontaneously) we had been sitting side by side at the fireworks. And my goodness!!! This poem feels exactly like that did! I flipped out when I read it! Thank You for the smile You just gifted! And for sharing Your wide-open, very beautiful heart!!! 🤗❤️😊


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