Sunday hues

This afternoon wears my sadness
in her palest eyes of Sunday blues
she said she’s not a languid Friday,
with arms stretched out in forever
she is the ending of infinity
the beginning of an end
she huddles from the cold,
she is a dancer in slow motion, falling
and her smile is thin and weak
like a vacancy sign on a derelict hotel,
an empty bed
she curls up on the couch next to me
instead of you
and washes me in her bleak view
this afternoon, she feels ominous


Reblogged because….. somehow Sunday afternoons just keep looking at me like this.

Image “Let’s talk about Sunday”

217 thoughts on “Sunday hues

      1. It is my absolute pleasure Rachel. I am indeed blessed to have read this. Your writings connect so well.
        I hope things have gotten better for you. Please take care and have a great week.


  1. My favorite line: with arms stretched out in forever
    she is the ending of infinity (Awesome .. .well done)

    Somehow how, you vanished off of my following list. Must be those pesky WordPress gnomes. Hope all is well. Sent you an email, which may be in your Spam folder. Keep smiling.


      1. Well, the long answer would be really….. looong, and perhaps on the wrong side of the tracks to what I’d prefer. But, you know, I’m fine really. Nothing a glass of shiraz can’t fix, at least temporarily 😂


      2. That’s what I’m hearing, too. I had one pup that I found online. It was a 4 month old labrador mix. When I asked for more photos and info, they sent me the photo of a 14 year old bassett hound.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Rob, I’m pretty sure I know your imagination well enough to know that you can conjure the very same as mine on this matter. Besides, I am too demure and ladylike to say 😂


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