A night full of subtleties, read by Nina

Sometimes someone does something that is so beautiful and touching that it makes your heart leap with joy. This is one of those things.. Nina from ‘Growingupsideways’ has been a long-standing friend of mine here, who has a talent not only for beautiful and poignant writing, but also for her spoken poetry. She once told me she read one of my poems aloud to her husband, and ever since, I half hoped she would read it so I could hear it. With a subtle(ish) hint from me 😉, she has now obliged. She has done a completely incredible job, please check it out, and the rest of her beautiful blog too.

Link here

On another note, I have been a bit quiet on WordPress this week, but hope to be more present soon. Apologies for being late to comments and posts.

A night full of subtleties

In a night full of subtleties
the moon’s ripples wrap around
my shoulders in the middle of the blades
you see the glistening lace of milky
shades, please trace
the faded patterns
of my life,
nuances written with
a sigh, a little strife
bathing in the crevices
of my skin, touch me
in the room of galaxies we live
with ease
I gently plead

it’s a night full of subtleties 

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59 thoughts on “A night full of subtleties, read by Nina

  1. Rachel, you write beautifully, and this was super fun to create. Thank you for the subtle hinting. I hope to maybe do another one some time?? (a not so subtle hint)
    Glad you enjoyed the music too—I told you from the start—I read your poems and hear music😊 💓

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    1. Oh Nina, I’m so unbelievably grateful that you took my ‘hint’ (it was hardly subtle 😂), I can only HOPE you would like to do another one some time. I appreciate you so much, and the music…. it makes it so magical and delicate. You transformed the poem with your voice and music. Thank you thank you and as many thank yous as there are. Hugs and love too 💓💓💓

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      1. I’m all smiles, Rachel. Your response is the best thanks—I’m happy you enjoyed this ‘performance’—it brings me joy on a deep level—healing…and music is magical! I’m having so much fun playing with sounds (I hear in my head) and then playing them. Simple sounds. From my heart.❤️
        Yes, this piece is delicate, and strong too. The complexities of love and longing…”please trace the faded patterns of my life…” an offering of love and authenticity—“here I am standing before you with all my life’s patterns—touch me”. Wow. So vulnerable, so giving…and to put myself in the place of the author to feel what is said—yes…pure joy. Difficult to explain.
        I look forward to your return. Rest well, my dear friend. 💓💓💓

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      2. I am here, I’m just a little less consistent than I usually am. To hear you say that this brings you joy, and to read your interpretation of the poem… my heart soars and tears come to my eyes. And I am not a ‘cryer.’ Thank you, for being you, for applying your talent so generously to me, and for being such a wonderful presence here for me. I know this is ‘just online’ but I hold you in my heart ❤️


      3. The power of words—even ‘just online’ to connect us across all distances and time..to hold another in your heart so precious. Yes, this is the awesome gift of the internet to communicate across barriers. This makes my heart soar too…and I admit—I do get teary-eyed.
        Rachel, over the past year, I’ve learned from you so much about “sisterhood” trust and being vulnerable. (How our words affect one another!). Your gentle nature shines through your powerful poetry. A blessing to us all. A gift. And however consistent or less consistent (without prying—are you ok?) you are here—know you are much loved and cherished—and held dearly in my heart too.💓

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      4. Gosh Nina. The power of words indeed, and yours make me feel emotional. I am ok, and your words make me feel more so. ‘Sisterhood’ – that’s beautiful. I don’t have a sister, but I always wished I did. Thank you, for being you ❤️


      5. Cheers then to the “sisterhood of poetesses”! I’m sending you sunshine rays of love and laughter (good medicine so they say).

        I’ve had these words keep coming to me lately…they must be meant for you.

        If I could hold you right
        Now. I would stroke
        Back your hair and
        Your fears. Silently
        You everything is
        Perfection. Just as
        It is…

        I have an older sister. We don’t speak anymore. Be well, dear Rachel—and I am here for you in spirit under the wisteria with a cup of tea and cake. xoxoxo 💓🤗💓🤗💓

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      6. The sisterhood of poetesses… that is beautiful, as are these words Nina. I can’t believe I am so late in seeing these words because they bring such absolute joy to my heart…. you accepting and beautiful soul, how am I so lucky to have connected with you. I join you under the wisteria my darling friend, my kindred spirit. 💜🌸💓🌸❤️


  2. Such a perfect collaboration… the two of you amaze me completely… so much grace and so much love and so much respect. Heart eyes to the max, and care bear intense rainbow radiations 🌈🌈🌈❤️🙏

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    1. Awww Marieke – I do not have the grace or beauty in my spoken word like Nina does. Plus, to have someone else read a poem for me felt so amazing! I love spoken poetry and I would love to do it myself. Maybe one day ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much Charlie “A powerhouse of magic and magnificence” – I’m going to hold that very preciously. Maybe it’s a similar feeling to when Resa puts one of your poems into street art – the feeling that your own writing transcends what you alone could give it, because someone else adds their creative magic to it. 😊

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  3. Her rendition of your poem was so beautiful I had tears in my eyes. It wouldn’t allow me to comment on her blog though. This poem and this reading…it needs to be bottled up and sold as an anti-anxiety drug. You could make millions.

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    1. You are so sweet!!! I think this is the third time I have now said how happy I am to see you back around here. What Nina did with this poem was so beautiful. She elevated it by a million times with her music and her voice. Can’t wait to read you again… when you’re ready. I’m so sorry if things have been tough lately ❤️

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      1. Thank you dearest! I am happy to be back among friends too, sometimes running away isn’t the answer.. so here’s to picking up where everything was left off 🥂 Thank you so much for the warm welcome back ♥️

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