A sunrise in a mask

She likes to hide herself in metaphors
as though a bruise could be a sunset
in a purple sky
or how she blends herself with shadows
in the corner of your eyes
where she can’t see herself –
she is a sunrise in a mask
and she blinks herself away
and writes a different version,
one that isn’t laced with pain

Artwork: Jérôme Birti

Gaze into the Abyss

65 thoughts on “A sunrise in a mask

    1. If only!!! Metaphors can hide a lot of pain. In replying to you I realise I have another poem along these lines. It’s funny how we create ‘themes’ in our writing, without even realizing. Often the things that circulate our sub-conscious awareness probably.

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  1. Over and over again Rachel, your poems could be speaking from my heart; perhaps the hearts of many…. “and she blinks herself away / and writes a different version, / one that isn’t laced with pain” …or sometimes, perhaps, one that is filled with it… and kept private.
    Hugs and love, dear friend xoxoxo ❤️

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    1. Ahh I hoped you would like this, and I knew you would know exactly what I meant, being a kindred spirit and everything. You are precisely right, the different version may be still filled with pain, but just pain that’s tucked away…

      Hugs and love back Nadine, thank you for this wonderful comment and for always understanding xoxoxo ❤️

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    1. Thank you Tara. Unfortunately I think this is a relatable scenario for many of us. I think in a way for me, poetry does help me hide a little but at the same time express things I may otherwise not. Because you can say something in a metaphor and leave it ambiguous, so you kind of create some distance between the words and yourself. Not sure if that makes sense, but thank you for reading and commenting 💕

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      1. That makes perfect sense, yes. In real life, I have been criticized for my exact language and ambiguity… so I guess unfortunately it spills into real life for me as well. I’m absolutely loving your writings.

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  2. Incredibly vivid imagery! 🙂 You’ve expressed it perfectly – all too often we conceal our scars and bruises behind a sunny facade & insist that everything’s ‘fine’. Poetry really helps express what we’re not always comfortable openly talking about.

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    1. Exactly, it’s easy to say “I’m fine” even when there is a lot behind those outward words that is not ‘fine.’ Poetry can be a form of expressing some of that indirectly. Thank you Tom, you saw right to the very heart of this poem.

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  3. If only we could tuck ourselves into the horizon for shelter, every once in a while. The sky could usher us into a soft, safe little place. As a mother might invite her child into nestle in her arms after a bad dream…

    This piece is so eloquently stated Rachel. As usual your writing delicately coaxes the reader into contemplation of self, of past, of beauty and vulnerability.

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    1. Ahhh April, thank you, so much. I love how you can take my words and extend them in ways that make them seem more beautiful. It’s the thing we were talking about, the ‘shrinking’ or hiding of toning oneself down in order to protect, blend in, appear “fine”.

      Thank you, my kindred spirit. Seeing your beautiful words made me jump for joy. Happy thanksgiving weekend 💜

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      1. Oh no!! Not the flu April! I hope it didn’t ruin thanksgiving… I hope you are being bought soup and hot water bottles. And that you can stay in bed.

        And thank you about the gravatar, it feels weird to have my picture there. I think it will be very temporary. Get better soon, gorgeous soul xoxo

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      2. No worries darling it didn’t ruin a thing. It started the day after. Thanksgiving was actually rather blissful. I cooked the entire feast and not only did I enjoy doing so – it somehow ended up tasting delicious. Lots of snuggle time, parade watching in pajamas with the husband and little one. By morning I had a raging fever. I’m currently emotional and miserable. And want to write but can’t manage to get past a few lines. Do they… have a thanksgiving in Nz?? I have an aunt and uncle who live there and never questioned it until just now.

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      3. I remember you saying you had family here. And no, no thanksgiving at all for us…
        I’m sorry you’re feeling so miserable, the flu can be so so nasty. I guess it’s that season for you now.
        Now I know that yet another string to April’s bow is that she can cook a delicious feast. I don’t imagine an apron, I image a creative storm, with beautiful you in the centre of it, making it look easy. Take care and get better soon ❤️

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      4. Had I mentioned my family there before? My apologies, darling one. My brain is exhausted and obviously rationing memory. I am, however, on the mend and your well wishes are so sweet. Thank you.

        I had a feeling there was no Thanksgiving holiday there – but now I’m curious – are there any holidays similar to Thanksgiving celebrated there? Like a… vegemite gratitude day…. or….? 😉
        I am of course teasing at the end there but I’m are there holidays unique to NZ? What are they?

        And yes, I can sometimes whip together a nice meal. I actually love aprons, the vintage 1950’s kind. Especially worn with heels. And nothing else. Haha.

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      5. A vegemite gratitude day 😂 – well, I am thankful for breakfast spreads, but in my humble opinion, marmite is superior to vegemite. We do have one NZ holiday, Waitangi Day, which has had a bit of controversy surrounding it and is a holiday but not celebrated in the same way as thanksgiving, it’s a long story, lots of historical background.

        As for you cooking in an apron, heels, and nothing else …. you seriously are a goddess. Be still my beating heart

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  4. Oh, Rachel, this is splendid. The motive of the mask woven in your verses. I read and re-read this. Every time it gets more beautiful. It takes my breath away. One thousand likes for the poetess of hearts.
    “she blends herself with shadows
    in the corner of your eyes
    where she can’t see herself –
    she is a sunrise in a mask..”

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    1. Oh my goodness G, a thousand likes from you is enough to make me absolutely dizzy, how I manage to be the recipient of these gorgeous words from you I have no idea “the poetess of hearts” – you have such a generous and beautiful soul, thank you for seeing me in the way that you do. You probably don’t realise, but this piece was inspired by your friendship, you making me think about living in shadows.
      A thousand hugs and a field of summer flowers for you dear G. And chocolates, always chocolates xoxo

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      1. I am so honored Rachel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This poem will always mean a lot to me. I am really touched. You are an angel. A spectacular one who enchants us with her poetry and her kindness.
        Flowers, chocolates, and hugs. I have no words to thank you for everything.
        Sending you a beautiful summer dream. I hope it will stay with you forever.


      1. Hahaha! Oh darling don’t apologize! I have found the advertisements in general, on most blogs aren’t often relative. You’ll be reading something beautiful in iambic pentameter and there’s a random advert for “blasting through belly fat” or asking if you’ve considered pre-paying for your funeral services so as not to become a burden to your surviving loved ones. It’s rather humorous sometimes. This one in particular caught my eye because it was an extreme close up of someone’s gnarled feet with a fungal infection of some times and this foam medicine sprayed all over it. In stark contrast with the amazing words you brilliantly weave together! Anyway not your fault. I’ve never done the ads – so I’m curious – do they give you a general choice what type of advertisements display on your page or are you at their mercy in terms of category/content?


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