Yesterday’s lament

At dawn
she found herself lost
in words of wistfulness
regrets circling her mind
like gulls at the shore

‘Do you graze the sunrise
with your lips?’
she murmered to
the silent sky, and;
‘Where do you cast
on a cool morning?’

‘Not at you’
the gulls cried,
her cheeks wet

‘I bite too hard
with desperation’ –

yesterday’s lament

62 thoughts on “Yesterday’s lament

  1. “‘Not at you’
    the gulls cried,
    her cheeks wet

    ‘I bite too hard
    with desperation’ –”

    Dear friend, your poem is beautiful, like your heart… have we not all been there at some point in our lives, and ever returning… when we crave, and can’t get, for the wanting of it, the yearning for it… just perfectly expressed… I felt exactly like that just the other day. Comes and goes, like the tide… and the sunrise.

    xoxoxoxo love, n

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    1. “… when we crave, and can’t get, for the wanting of it, the yearning for it…”
      Yes, this is precisely what the poem is about Nadine. Sometimes the things we want seem so far away, so difficult to achieve, and wanting them can make them seem even further away.

      Always appreciate your kindness and your thoughts on my poems. Thank you, and love and hugs to you xoxox

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    1. Ahh thank you Frank. I think she is wondering about all the things and people she yearned for, wanted too much – in ways that were too much, perhaps. Past regrets, too. I didn’t write this with a particular thing or person in mind, but more those general feelings. A cumulation of lots of things probably.

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  2. No words can describe what I felt by this. Lamenting and regretting have become the inner walls that keep circling outward, growing and growing. Making me stiff somehow. Wishful thinking.

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    1. I have to say, you have stolen my heart by coming to my blog and leaving these beautiful comments – I’m so grateful and your words have put a huge smile on my face. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏🌸


  3. My heart felt this…and your words touched us all with how beautifully honest you always are with your poetic brilliance and showing us your emotions of truth.

    My favorite poem and lines:

    “‘Where do you cast
    on a cool morning?’”

    “‘I bite too hard
    with desperation’ –

    yesterday’s lament”

    You have a way with words and how beautiful you express yourself.

    Many respects to you and big hugs from me to you. 🙂

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      1. I wish I’d live in New Zealand. 🙂

        So, you are from New Zealand? That’s awesome. 🙂

        Question: Are you a fan of director – “taika waititi”? He’s from New Zealand. His work of filmography are: Eagle vs Shark, Boy (2010 film), What We Do in the Shadows, Hunt for the Wilderpeople,
        Thor: Ragnarok, & Jojo Rabbit.

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      2. Charlie!!! You know these movies??!!! Of course you do, as they are fabulous and your taste is fabulous. Boy and Hunt for the wilderpeople are two of my favourite movies ever. But, usually when people hear I’m from NZ it’s the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit that are known – rightly so, but Taiki Waititi is such a great director, and his films capture something so uniquely Kiwi that isn’t just about the landscape.

        Yay, I’m so chuffed you like those movies!!

        I hope you had a great thanksgiving my friend – if you lived here you would miss out on that!

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      3. I never associate New Zealand with (Lord of the Rings) or Hobbit. I think of those two movies being from Norway, Vikings. 🙂

        Taiki Waititi is one of my favorite film directors of all time and I love his acting. He is full of humor, heart, and just a down to earth wonderful person. 🙂

        Boy and Hunt for the Wilderpeople are one of my favorite movies as well. 🙂 I do love ‘What we do in the Shadows’. So hilariously well done and the humor is high level funny. 🙂

        And of course I love ‘thor ragnarok’ because its colorful, humor, and its taiki’s movie of him putting a lot of humor and over all adventure. And he plays ‘Korg’. He’s so funny in that movie as well. I don’t know if you’ve seen it. 🙂

        Have you seen the movie ‘The Breaker Upperers’? It’s a New Zealand film. It’s so good and funny as well. 🙂

        I had a wonderful thanksgiving. 🙂

        Hope you had a wonderful weekend yourself. 🙂

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      4. Why does it not surprise me that you have seen more NZ movies than me 😂?. I love taiki’s humour too, I think you’d love it here Charlie. I haven’t seen Breaker Upperers yet, I keep meaning to but haven’t. You’ve reminded me so now I’ll get around to it!

        Glad you had a great thanksgiving. I imagine it to be a lot like Christmas with a traditional ‘dinner’ and an emphasis on family time?

        Look forward to reading your next post my friend 🙂.


  4. This piece.. in it’s delicate simplicity… overwhelmed me with emotion. An actual wave crashed over me. I was swept by the regret, the longing, the whimsy unseen. The cruelty of the gulls. And it carried me until my heart sighed a small thank you. For the permission to grieve.

    For the bittersweet catharsis.

    Rachel this left my cheeks wet. And then I smiled for knowing someone who writes so beautifully, so honestly… that I am always overcome. ❤

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    1. April…. what it means to me that this has touched you in this way… as though you were sat next to me watching the waves, listening to the gulls, immersed in feeling. I’m so honoured to have you read my poems like this, you feel like a kindred spirit I have met on here ❤️.

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  5. I love this piece. I can see myself walking on the shore with the seagulls circling. Beautifully written and I love the way you ended this work as well. Lovely Rachel. Hugs my friend have a blessed weekend. 🌸🌺❤️

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      1. Thank you dear Rachel. You are an inspiration. I make time to read at least a couple of your poems every week. They are a treat) I am grateful I have all these poems you did before I meet you through gracious Gabriela (Button). Now I can read backwards. It is like having a book of your poems. So now more love and hugs. ❤️💕Joni

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      2. Joni, knowing you is a treat, and I too am very grateful to the wonderful Gabriela, your button, for connecting us ❤️. I can’t really say how honoured I am that you take the time to read my older poems. I admire your writing so much.

        Thank you dear friend. Have a wonderful week, sending love and hugs 💕🌸🌷

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      3. Oh that is so kind of you sweet Rachel. What a lovely thing for you to say. I am delighted to know that you enjoy my work, it means a lot to me as I find your work to be both inspiring and gorgeous. Thanks again for your kind words and I am sending hugs, love and wonderful dreams your way from North Carolina. xoxoxo Joni


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