Sound bites

You never leave my imagination
as you speak,
You enunciate your words like you are eating them from my body
with your teeth
Deliberate and slow,
at first
and then, whole sentences.
Paragraphs and metaphors that graze me with their cadence,
as though the very accents of your words are hungry,
and I can touch their marks with my own hands –
delicious nuances raised upon my skin like bruised echoes.

I submit to the poetry of your voice,
the decadence so mesmerising
I can barely attend
or comprehend the meaning
of the beautiful words that you just said

I need to listen, again

Image: google, source unknown

73 thoughts on “Sound bites

  1. “I submit to the poetry” — this is it. I had been reflecting all this past week that instead of *submitting* poetry I had been submitting *to* it. Thank you for perfectly embodying that feeling, in this gorgeous poem…. so many beautiful lines, as well.

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  2. Oooh! I am so glad Rachel that I saw this before signing off! Each word,
    the other
    my soul
    bite by bite
    and I
    surrendered to it
    Utterly gorgeous and exquisite! Submitting to such a sublime yet visceral verse has been such a pleasure. ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Oh!!! This comment truly has me smiling from ear to ear, and then some. What a brilliant reaction from my dear friend, I want to tuck it in my pocket and carry it around with me. Can I?? Thank you, you’ve made my day!

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  3. “Paragraphs and metaphors that graze me with their cadence,
    as though the very accents of your words are hungry,
    and I can touch their marks with my own hands –
    delicious nuances raised upon my skin…”

    I read it over and over, dear Rachel… so beautiful.

    And… what LiaThePoet said. (Submitting to poetry… it could be worse.) Then again, submitting poetry (such as you have, above, to us here, now)… that’s even better. ;))

    Gratitude for your words, with a care-bear stare. And our new-usual full-spectrum of hearts, herein implied. 💗;)) (I’m off to zzz-land). 😊😴

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    1. Ahh thank you dear friend. Your appreciation for my words mean a lot. And the care-bear stare…. well, you know what that does to me. Poetic in itself (quite a nice rhyme embedded there), it’ll have me swooning in no time.

      As for the poem, I did submit myself to it, rather than it submitting itself to me. If that makes sense. I followed its direction rather than trying to enforce my own. Don’t you think, sometimes the way that words are said can feel drenched in meaning, even without considering the content. I got a little lost in a moment (or two 😂).

      Hope your zzz’s have been solid and restful 💓 xoxoxo

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      1. Absolutely I do think so lovely friend. Which is why your poem made so much sense. 💕💕💕
        Not much sleep though it was deep. Hope it to be more reasonable tonight! :)))) 🌱🌱🌱

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      1. I want to a “favorite line”… but I just cannot. The entire piece is necessary. And that ending… like the last spoonful of a decadent dessert, perfectly created. I really am moved by this piece. I had to come back for another reread.

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  4. Ah Rachel, this is magnificent. I am enunciating with you those beautiful words. In my enunciation those words are yours. Your poem is beyond magnificent.
    The construct, the cadence, its internal music, the metaphors
    ” can touch their marks with my own hands –
    delicious nuances raised upon my skin like bruised echoes” are all splendid. I wish I could write like you, my fabulous Rachel. You broke all barriers with this one. It is pure beauty.

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    1. Gabriela, you flatter me so much I’m pretty sure I’m blushing. I get so captivated by the way people speak, their accents, the way the meanings of the words are magnified by the poetry of their actual voices. It’s heavenly. It’s like a voice can be a musical instrument, or like it has the power to physically touch, imprint our souls.

      I don’t know what to say when you say you wish you could write like me… you, who I could (and have) said those very words to. Never write like me, you would sell your talent short. Don’t argue, I will win this duel my friend.

      Happy Monday Gabriela. Hugs and love, always xoxoxo


    1. Oh! That’s an unexpected and lovely surprise to see you pop up! Hope all is going well for you..

      Thank you, re poem! Sometimes the way that words are said can be so sensual. I have to admit, I’m a bit of a sucker for a beautiful accents and spoken poetry 😉.

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      1. Thank you 🤗 I am doing really well actually—these past several days were productive in a way that resulted in long term better mental health. It is always a work in progress but it is so amazing not only to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but more like experiencing dawn on the horizon when it’s all been black night for so long.

        I agree—when someone I am attracted to whispers sweet nothings to me, wow. Fastest way to entangle me in all the feelings. Accents are a cherry on top!

        How have you been in New Zealand, Rachel? Matter of fact, whatever happened to the Old Zealand 🤔

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      2. That is such a great way of looking at it, experiencing a long awaited dawn… taking care of yourself and your mental health is so important, it’s something we should all do more of, prioritise ourselves, liSten to and have compassion for our own needs… Ha! I should take my own advice here, I have a lot of things I really need to get in order in my own mind…
        The original ‘Zeeland’ is a province in the Netherlands… and we were dubbed the ‘new’ version by a Dutch explorer. The Maori name for NZ is ‘Aotearoa’ (land of the long white cloud), and many of us wish that could be official – but it will never happen. Gosh, sorry about the history lesson there!!!
        Are you planning on being officially ‘back’ or are you still on a break? Whichever way, look forward to reading more of your poems when you are ready to post again!

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      3. No, I love the history lesson! Don’t apologize lol. I’m trying to pronounce Aotearoa and it’s sounding something like ‘Ayo-ti-a-ro-ah’. Not sure if that’s correct but it sounds really pretty!

        As for my mental health breaks where I really focus on myself and getting down to the bottom of what is hindering me from my full potential–I have been doing that often in the past several years. Living confined by fear is no way to survive and I am sick to pieces by limitations that were put in place by some ill-advised person or another. Or even our own selves. I’ll start spouting eloquent here if I continue talking about this subject 😉

        I’ll definitely be posting again for sure, it’s just that I felt like it was starting to veer into compulsion and not something I was doing for the sake of creating beautiful things. I also don’t want to feel like I need to consistently be active on my blog to remain relevant. It’s why I don’t do social media as a rule, and I would like my little corner of the internet not to become a stifling prison of “likes” and “follows” and “comments.” It’s so easy to fall into that trap, and before you know it, you’re burnt out.

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      4. All I can say to this really is that you are very wise. There are so many traps you can fall into with social media and blogging, and you sound like you have such a good awareness of what is right for you, and then sticking with that. I admire that.

        And, your sense of how to say Aotearoa looks pretty spot on. ❤️

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  5. I just love any piece of writing that draws on the beauty of sound, which to me is always just a form of music. Words and poetry spoken in a voice that can touch us so deeply it feels just like this; just the way you described it so beautifully and gently.

    This was so resonant:
    “…as though the very accents of your words are hungry,
    and I can touch their marks with my own hands –…”

    Perfecto. I love that.

    And the closing stanza/paragraph was, to me, so sensual and the idea of submitting to someone’s poetry as it caresses every part our body and being really really spoke to me (pun not intended, I’m being serious here, yo!)
    Surrendering to the seductive sounds of someone’s heart as it speaks to us in so many ways…SIGH♡

    So hopefully I have conveyed to you, in the form of gushing rambles, that I love this and everything about it- both within the lines and of course, between them.

    Hearts hearts kissy face fire hearts

    (I’m a bit emojily challenged these days!)

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    1. Fiery! If you wished to light my spark, you have succeeded! This comment is what I have woken up to, and I’m already feeling warm and glowy 🧡.

      I could not agree with you more about how the sounds of someone’s voice can be so seductive, the way a word is said (especially some words) can sound so beautiful, sensual, as though they themselves can touch. Maybe a little like they’re onomatopoeias (is this correct, I defer to the English teacher here?). I love this:

      “both within the lines and of course, between them.” Thank you. You’re a great one for reading words that aren’t printed on the page.

      Hugs to you my Fiery friend. You’ve started my day with a smile


  6. Love this! The essence of adoring a beloved one´s word/ language-magic captured in some masterful lines. Honestly, this is a spectacular poem! “I submit to the poetry of your voice” – I can totally relate to this…so dreamy and authentic! Wishing you a great weekend xxx

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  7. Rachel this is so beautiful. I love this giving in to another’s words completely.

    “as though the very accents of your words are hungry,
and I can touch their marks with my own hands”

    There are so many lovely phrases in this piece. I love these especially.

    Just gorgeous. I hope you have a blessed day full of love 💕 and inspiration my friend. ❤️💕 love Joni

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