Press pause on time

Wait here a minute,
hold the hands of the clock
while I try to find the words
to say to you
press pause on the hourglass
hold its waist,
slow down the sand
while I try to speak
in measured portions –
I need you to understand
these bite-sized indents
stain my lips
as time slips through
my fingertips and brings me to my knees
I’m like a metronome of falling leaves
yet too scared to bare the autumn
of this eve
of what I want to say


Artwork: I cannot find the source of this beautiful image, I saved it a long time ago. If anyone knows of the artist, please let me know so I can credit them.

66 thoughts on “Press pause on time

  1. This… is exactly it. Rachel, if I could carry this beautiful poem back in time with me, I would… but since I can’t, I’ll try to keep it in my heart, for the future.

    I can’t actually imagine a time when you would need to use it yourself, and I’m sure most here would agree… always graceful, generous, feeling and thoughtful….

    Thanks for being a wonderful friend. Very sincerely 💖🙏

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    1. Nadine!! I feel like this all the time. Where my heart gets in the way of my mind and I can’t think well enough to find the right words. Especially when I feel emotional about something. All I can concentrate on is my racing heart, and my mind needs time to catch up.

      Thank you for being so unbelievably kind about me, I’m really humbled. You’re such a treasure, thank you

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  2. Sigh. Heady, that is how I would describe this poem.

    There’s this song that I really enjoy called Tennessee Whiskey and one of the lyrics goes, “You’re as smooth as Tennessee Whiskey…You’re as warm as a glass of brandy..” That’s exactly how this poem went down. Smooth, warm, heady, limned in Autumnal colors and scents. I want to wear it like my favorite flannel top. I don’t even own flannel.

    I loved the beat of this. Just beautiful.

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    1. You truly know how to make me feel like my poetry was worth posting – these warm, comforting, even intoxicating images you liken the feeling of this poem to. I want to wear this comment like a flannel shirt. Thank you, your support means a lot to me, and you must know how much I admire your writing too. 💕

      On another note, there seems to have been a lot of discussion about emojis lately, and I now am experiencing some kind of emoji-induced phobia/paranoia!!! Should I/shouldn’t I, if I do, which one, which colour, what does it mean. I’m starting to think I’m losing it!

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      1. Oh my goodness Rachel, I completely understand where you are coming from! I have been trying not to second guess everything I say on here because I got in trouble this weekend with one of my comments that did not come across the way I intended and I felt so awful. It gave me anxiety. There have been so many times that I left people comments and then as soon as I post it, I’m like f*ck, will that be misconstrued? I have to turn off my mind because it’ll drive me in circles. My thing is that I tend to say exactly what I’m feeling in the emotion of the moment, but it’s always from a place of excitement and joy, so I never intend to be rude or derogatory in any way, but emotions don’t come across so much of the time. I’ve still been liberally using emojis because it’s kind of comforting to me. Like if I do say something flippant or tongue in cheek, I’ll post a winking emoji or something so that it clarifies.

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      2. I feel your pain. Every time I post… anything, comment or poem, it’s inevitably filled with some kind of doubt/fear/anxiety. And emojis, well, they seem to taunt me with their garish colours and endless options. But then leaving them out fills me with nearly as much dread. I hope that the situation on the weekend for you is sorted, and I hope we can all be liberated of our emoji and posting fears ❤️💜.

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      3. Yes, everything is all good now, we got down to the bottom of the misunderstanding 😊

        I also completely understand what you say about the emojis too lol. Sometimes I even over analyze if I should use acronyms like ‘lol’ or ‘lmao.’ 😏

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      1. Ivor, thank you for your wonderful thoughts. As much as I love to be mistaken for (or even just called) Gabriela (one of my favourite writers), my name is Rachel. You called me Gabriela recently and I thought you had hit reply to me but were actually replying to her. I took it as the highest complement! Xox


      2. Oh, I’m sorry Rachel, I shall have to concentrate more on my comments… I’m not making excuses, but my the number of readers I have is unbelievable, and I’m both excited and overwhelmed… 💙🌏🌏😉

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      3. Honestly, nothing to be sorry for. As I say, I feel complimented to be called Gabriela. I didn’t want to even say anything and therefore draw attention to it but then I thought maybe you would prefer it if I did say something. You can call me whatever you want 😂💜


  3. Every once in a while, I read something that I want to respond to. I usually keep the notifications as new so I can go back to re-read and comment later. Every once in a while, I can’t think of a reply that won’t diminish the feelings and images of what I read. This is one.

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      1. Thank you, that means a lot to me. I feel like a small fish in a very big pond filled with so many gifted writers. You all challenge me in so many ways and inspire me to become a better writer by your example. Thank you.

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  4. “As time slips through
my fingertips and brings me to my knees” – these words resonated with me so much! Maybe it is just this season in my life…your poem put into words what I haven’t been able to express. Thank you for this! ❤️

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  5. Beautiful. There is omething about the passing of time and its constructs that we have been conditioned to accept, yet we all feel the passing of time so differently and uniquely I always feel it can’t possibly be as specific and prescribed as we are led to believe.
    Having the power to pause the clocks and hold the moments in some kind of inertia for as long as we need seems like it could be the answer to life the universe and everything, you know.
    Loved the way you expressed that. Loved the longing to speak the silences that mute us. And I loved that it was so compressed in its emotions, this poem. As though, the more you press your words into this space, the more potent they will be.
    I feel anyway.
    I adored this:

    “…press pause on the hourglass
    hold its waist,
    slow down the sand
    while I try to speak
    in measured portions …”

    Yes yes yes. Poetry poetry poetry. …♡♡♡♡♡

    A fave of mine I think, honey


    1. A fave of yours? Wow, I don’t even know what to say to that, except thank you, and thank you, and yes, thank you again…. your opinion means so much, I know you read with your heart and I’ve said before sometimes I think you read my poems better than I do. I love what you said about how the concept of time can’t be as specific and prescribed as we think – it sends me into some kind of cosmic spin where anything feels possible. Maybe if there was more time you could speak those silences, or act in the way that we wished we could have, or savour a moment we never want to forget.

      Thank you gorgeous Fiery, you know that’s from the bottom of my heart xxoo

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  6. I stopped to pause considering the …. waist of the hourglass. Contemplating the acceleration of the sand granules, but the seconds still proceeding like soldiers unaware of the constraint.
    Or something like that….
    I’m happily drawn to your writing ✍🏻💕

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    1. I’m very happy you are drawn to it, I have been checking in on your site a bit lately to see if Ive missed any of your posts! “seconds still proceeding like soldiers unaware of the constraint.” – that is brilliant! How have you been? Have you been off on motorcycle adventures again? Thank you so much got your kind words 💜

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      1. Haha, you remember 🙂 Biker babe moments are sadly over for the year as the temperatures start heading downward and slippery leaf mulch lies unexpectedly in shadows. It was a wonderful year for adventure, but also challenges as a dear friend passes through cancer treatments. It’s difficult to admit joy when someone you love is having a shitty go of it right? We poets are often unashamed empaths as well …
        And how have you been? Is spring blooming and sneezes happening 🙂

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      2. Oh Diana. It hurts my heart that your friend has gone through that. I bet that having you as a support meant the world to her, I know you work in the medical field, and I know you have a wonderful heart and a beautiful way with words… I hope she/he has recovered or is on their way to recovery…
        Biker babe adventures on hold to next year? Hopefully this means at least a little more of your wonderful poetry for the rest of us. Apologies, that is a selfish view!! And yes, Spring blooming here down under, it’s so weird the way the world works 🙃🙂❤️


  7. Ah, Rachel. This is magnificent. The construction and the flow of feelings are superb.

    “yet too scared to bare the autumn
    of this eve
    of what I want to say”

    I apologize that I am about to do something here that I should not. Yet you took me with you. Your feelings engulfed me.

    “yet too scared to bare the autumn
    of your eyes
    of what I want to say”

    I will be silent now. Perhaps my silence will speak to you. Shadows.

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    1. My dear G… What do I say in response to both your silence and your words, both which speak in beautiful ways? You took my words and added layers and depth to them in the way that only you can.
You, shades of light and dark, pain and beauty. You, who makes my eyes see Spring flowers. You, who sees the autumn in my eyes and speaks to me in words and silence.
      I can’t say thank you enough to you dear G. I’m not finished here yet.
      Sending you happy everythings and always xoxoxo


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