Devastated words

That September,
I didn’t see the moon all month,
I remembered the dark skies,
my horoscope of hopelessness
the moon
like a past lover,
she hid from my desperation
and my devastated words,
like ‘we’
and ‘us’
singularly scattered in the ocean
like ripped up poems from yesterday
even the moon could not bare
the longing in those metaphors,
the sighs, i think
she forgot all the memories of the tides
I searched the shadows in the sea
like I was searching for you
but the moon had gone
that September

71 thoughts on “Devastated words

  1. My Dearest R,
    How would I begin to describe the beauty and the pain woven by your talent… the moon is gone, “we” and “us” are now devastated words, and you are searching the shadows in the sea… What an imagery.
    I sit here and read over and over engulfed by your talent and the remembrance of some dark skies.
    Rachel, this poem stained with pain is outstanding. You are unbelievable.

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    1. Thank you G. You have no idea how much your response means to me. I feel like you feel every word that I write, and in response I feel your kindness and your empathy like a warm sun. Your beautiful interpretation is a gift. I really have no words to properly thank you. How can I do it? Just know that I try.

      Thank you G xoxo


  2. But the moon does return again and again to remind, cruelly, of every time it was gazed upon as “we”. And then when one of “us” stood beneath that moon thinking of another “we”.

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    1. I had to write a moon poem after reading yours, i was inspired! I can’t help it Punam, that is what your poems do to me. And I am forever grateful for that. No-one can write a moon poem like you ❤️❤️


    1. This comment has me smiling, and happy that this poem withstood the ripping…. my romantic best… are you saying I’m romantic? 😂??!! I feel like most of my poems are doomed with the kind of devastation that’s in this one. Even when I don’t mean to do it. Maybe it’s my signature? But anyway, thank you.

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      1. haha thats an understatement, of course you are a romantic, and romantics always dwell the worlds full of devastation, longing, doubts, and conflicts, within and outside themselves.

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    1. Some things that are beautiful just really make you sick (love the reference, in fact I’m pretty sure parting words and shattered worlds inspired some of this). I get it…. but, I don’t know, I feel like saying I’m sorry at the same time. Hopefully you know what I mean!

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  3. My dear friend,
    …You’re amazing.
    This poem is portrayed that it shows the feeling of rejection, pain, and the despair of being unheard. I believe this talks about a specific, possibly romantic, relationship, but interpreted it as someone whose words are not heard. Someone whose presence is just like his absence. Someone ignored not because they were not loved, but because other people couldn’t deal with them and their thoughts since they were too intense. Someone who has suffered, and the ones who made them suffer refuses to hear their words as to save their conscience and be able to sleep at night without the constant chatter of guilt.

    Someone who needs someone to listen, but nobody’s there.

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    1. Nour my friend.
      What you have done here, is peeled back a whole layer of this poem, and found a deeper meaning within it. The feeling of being too much for someone else to bare, and the fear that that person would turn away at a moment they were needed most, on the darkest night.

      I simply cannot tell you how much this interpretation means to me, you have seen to the very core of this. It’s as though you read me, not just the words I wrote in this poem.

      Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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  4. Wow. Something we all can relate to. Betrayal. Tragic romantic. Brings up images of 9-11 and high school…It’s a lot to ask of someone—‘share my secret’ or ‘bare my burden.’ That takes trust. And willingness. And how do you say that in words?

    This feels very much like someone who is spreading her wings…and yet…

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    1. Nina, this comment is so beautiful, and so thoughtful. 9-11 was one of the layers I had in my mind as I wrote this, it wasn’t obvious and I’m so glad you picked it up.

      As for the rest, yes, doomed romance, that feeling of being too much for someone, even for your self sometimes… the depression and loneliness of that, of needing to hide.

      Someone afraid of spreading their wings….

      Thank you 💓💓💓


      1. Rachel, you are a truly beautiful soul.

        Depression is weird—comes out of nowhere—uhg. Sometimes, we do need that warm cozy comforting compassion blanket. Wrap up curl up and shut down…just for a little while…I understand. Gosh do I understand…

        You have a brilliant way of expressing difficult emotions. Also fun to read comments here and what others say. And your picture is super cool! Reminds me of the scratch board pictures we used to make as kids.

        🤗🤗🤗 hugs to you.

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      2. Inviting…tempting…seductive. And that’s the danger. While it’s wonderfully inviting—it’s also easy to get stuck there. Then it becomes serious. Then it’s a health issue.

        Sigh…it’s sad to me because while on the one hand—occasionally depression is a normal part of life. It happens. And there is plenty we can do for our mental health. On the other hand—popular culture tends to glamorize depression. For so many reasons…

        As for doomed romance, yep…I wrote a piece titled “Dear Mr. X” it was doomed from the beginning—I still engaged. Learned a lot from the experience. Of course I’d do it differently today…but 27 years ago…and oh so naive…Mr. X—I’m glad we met.

        Hugs received! 🧸💘🧸💘🧸💘


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