Not today

Death walked into the room
he didn’t belong there, and he knew it
she wanted to chase him away
but he’d hung his coat up on the door,
settling in
and unsettling
the monitors flickered
like panic-strickened eyes
in a departure lounge
“let’s not leave today” she said
a bruised petal drifted to the floor
and so did her heart,
her body followed
hospital floors are cold
and she wishes roses could grow old, too


56 thoughts on “Not today

    1. Gorgeous G. Thank you my dear friend. Some bruises feel like they’ll last forever.
      I’m sending you a thousand hugs, all different shapes and sizes. And I’m hoping these weeks are filled with the love of those who love you. 💓💓💓


  1. As PJ said that you personified death very well, it was a very good thing. And like always it is beautifully penned Rachael. Well done!!

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  2. Wait a minute, listen before I go,
    There’s not much to say,
    But this winter would be cold,
    And there’s not much to do.
    Why is there not more you can do,
    If you could see me leaving now.

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      1. My condolences. I can’t imagine what her family or friends are feeling or processing loss.

        I’m so sorry to hear… 😦

        To answer your question:

        “How do you make sense of life and loss”? I’m still trying to make sense of it all. It’s not easy nor will it ever be. 😦

        You are welcome my friend. If you need a friend to talk to…I’m here to listen. Bless you.

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      2. Thank you Charlie. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable telling you that in the comments, I didn’t intend for you to have to respond, I wasn’t thinking it through properly.

        And I think you’re right, we never really make sense of life and loss – how could we, it’s unfathomable.

        Blessings to you too, and thank you for being so supportive. 🙂

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      3. You didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all. I know loss very well. The other day, I thought about my grandpa and my mother in law. They we’re both my favorite people in this world. May they’re souls be at peace.

        Loss and grief brings friends, & families together and to feel that they are not alone. We are here for one another and relate to pain and loss.

        I’ll always be supportive and like I said, if you need a friend to talk, I’ll be here to listen.

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  3. Death is such an unsettling intruder, coming in uninvited! The analogy of ‘panic-stricken eyes in the departure lounge’ and the ‘bruised petal’ are so apt and telling. And the ‘cold floor’! Such a beautiful, poignant read, Rachel. Your verses always touch my heart. ❤️❤️

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      1. Rachel, if I could, I would hold your hand right now and say nothing. Organ donation is such a beautiful way to live on even after death. Think of her as being around in those who benefit from her donation. She is still living but in another form.
        Always there for you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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