I didn’t see

I blame the sea
for my gullibility, the lullaby she mesmerised me with her tides
and closed my eye-lids to the truth

How can it be?
The sea so shamelessly she
blinded me and drenched my eyes
Yet I’m surprised I couldn’t see

You drowning there
in front of me, your frightened eyes
that begged me helplessly, afraid to breathe
your vulnerability

I am sorry,

Please forgive me, for
I didn’t see

62 thoughts on “I didn’t see

  1. Loved the play on play words and how they complimented and flowed together at the same time making it so emotional. Seemingly unable to tend to one situation because of being blinded by another blocked by the sea of tears. 🌹

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      1. No, one would never tire wondering about the sea, reading or writing about it and the poetics it offers. All I feel is jealousy, of it being part of your everyday life.

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      2. It is not hot right now ESP!!! I am envious of all of you having a whole lot of warmth. Also, this year has bought a very sad event to our country, which has shaken my view of who we are and what we stand for. But yes, it is beautiful. Thank you.

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  2. Oh, what a gorgeous write. The sea flows through your feelings. The personification and the metaphors are magnificent: “she mesmerised me with her tides” ; “afraid to breathe
    your vulnerability.” Should I “blame” the sea for your exceptional talent?

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    1. Yes, blame the sea… absolutely!! That is where so much of my inspiration comes from G. That and my sad heart – at least that’s what drove this particular poem…. thank you, so much my friend. I bet that Mediterranean Sea is inspiring you as we speak, quite a different type of sea to the stormy cold one that is in front of me at the moment! Ahhh Mediterranean nights SIGH. XOX


      1. Your inspiration comes from the sea, yet your talent is yours. Nobody can take it away. No even the sea.
        It’s a sad poem indeed. I do not know what to say when I feel you are sad. I wish I could change something. I feel helpless.
        Sending you lots of love, my dear R 🙂

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      2. I feel that love G. And it means so much… how can I even say thank you for that? Or convey what it means. Not just because of your obvious writing talent, but because of the clearly beautiful soul that drives that talent. Thank you ❤️.

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      3. Thank you so much for your kind words R. I hope I am all you say I am.
        However, I want you to know – I did not want to say that upfront – that your poem touched me deeply. The sea.. it gives a lot.. it takes a lot too.
        Plenty of love to you, sweetheart.

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      4. You are so right G, the sea gives and it takes. It can be beautiful, and it can be ruthless and tragic too. Please never hold back, there is nothing you could not say upfront. Sending much love to you too gorgeous G. Your beauty radiates and touches me.

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  3. We are guilty of not seeing sometimes, what glares in our face! And sometimes we don’t want to accept the harsh facts. This so beautifully captures that feeling of helplessness. Hugs my dear, for such a heartfelt piece. ❤️❤️

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    1. This comment perfectly captures my feelings in writing this Punam. Helplessness and regret for not realising something happening that I should have foreseen. Thank you for perfectly “getting” this. ❤️❤️

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  4. Maybe the magnitude of what is before us is so immense that we are overwhelmed? This was such a beautiful piece. The ocean is such a wonderful metaphor that allows for so many interpretations.

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    1. Yes Rob, maybe it was. This interpretation comforts me, makes me feel like maybe there was a half decent reason to miss something I should have seen, something that was right in front of me. I guess it’s partly a reminder also not to get so caught up in your own world that you miss something in another’s. Thank you, and I keep thinking about your dog. Hope you are ok.

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  5. Gorgeous metaphor, carried so well by you. And it was regretful but loving and in between the lines was an intensity of longing and need.
    No surprise to you I am sure, but this was very cleverly penned, hon.
    Many hugs and 💋

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    1. I love your innate recognition of what’s between the lines. There was certainly an intensity, and as so often the case with me, a situation that fuelled my sleeplessness. I heart those hugs and kisses from you Fiery, they are very gratefully received, like a balm. 💜💋

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  6. Holy shit, I missed this. First of all, the flickering rhyme scheme is so so interesting and I love the sea images. I love the water, and I love love this poem.

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