A reverie of geography

Would you join me in my reverie?
you know that country where
geography mattered less than
whims of ours
Remember how
we wrote with my red lips
and skinny dipping was significant
on the map
and so was everything,
my freckles were like confessions
of the sunshine
we explored intimately
with our hedonistic hands
within those lands
We wrote that chapter
on the journey of our lives

70 thoughts on “A reverie of geography

  1. Oh I love this so much! Lost in a daydream, reliving days that were spent with that special someone and getting lost in the moment. I can feel the love and intimacy in this one, R. Also a sense of longing, too.

    “you know that country where
    geography mattered less than
    whims of ours”

    This makes me think of long distance relationships for some reason. In reality, the distance can pose a bit of a problem, but in our fantasies, location and miles matter less than the desires we have to be with that person. And I love the picture you painted of exploring one another (I hope I’m reading that right). Very beautiful poem, my friend!

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    1. Absolutely Manessah B, this is about exploring someone you love, and being able to be in a hedonistic moment, where all the responsibilities and restrictions of … life… are secondary and inconsequential to the the desires of the moment.

      You know, I can’t really express how being so well understood in my writing affects me. It is so moving, and so validating. Thank you, so much lovely friend 💜

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      1. You are so very welcome, Rachel! Your writing is full of emotion and it just has this effect on the reader where it can take their minds to a different place. Almost like traveling. You have a gift and I’m glad that you feel understood. It’s one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. 🙂💚

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  2. Bodies are great topographical maps and you’ve described perfectly how two in love can enjoy exploring such geography over and over again.

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    1. Thank you, Inky. You are exactly right. I wish I had used the word “topographical” because this perfectly fits what I was trying to express. It also goes nicely with “geographical.” You are a poet, even in your comments. Thank you, so much.

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  3. This was amazing, but I think Trenchcoat Futility and A Night Full of Subtleties, Friday Effervescence and Chameleon in a grey world were total bangers. Nothing compares to the feel of those. That’s just my finding. This doens’t subtract from your talent just it seems kind of under a spell without its glimmering magic. I hope you understand, I mean no offence at all because everybody else loves it, and I do too.

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    1. I really appreciate your honesty. It makes your appreciation of my other poems all the more valid… I don’t know what this poem is missing, im not feeling much glittering magic at the moment (more like dreary cloud) so maybe you’re picking up on that. I have always struggled with ‘romantic’ poems… I felt this poem did not have the same depth of feeling/meaning that went with some of my others. I feel that my chameleon poem was really not a great piece of work either! Thank you, Watt, I really appreciate this feedback.

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      1. Maybe, try to channel the dreary cloud into a burst of heavy-metal thunder. And what are you talking about, the Chameleon poem was so good, like all the others. I also loved Peter Pan in Never-ever land. You are an amazing poet and this was great independently, just not with the ‘vivid flourish’ in all your other poems.

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      2. A burst and a vivid flourish of heavy metal thunder – that does sound like it may transform me… but what if I am just a dreary cloud and there’s not much more to it….? (Says the dreary cloud full of dreary rain, I sound like Eeyore). I will give what you’ve said some thought….

        On another note, I’ve really enjoyed your last couple of poems – they were inspired and inspiring.

        Thank you again 🙂

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      3. A person is never one thing. You’re definitely not a dreary cloud!! You’re much more than that, your entirety maps oceans, vast spiritual wells of creativity. I promise you that the next thing you write, is going to be another banger. I have faithful and scientific bets on your talent.

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  4. When I read your poems; I see colors 🙂 Soft pinks and purples, blues and oranges for this one. I also feel my body sinking, relaxing into a space of tranquility, which I often truly need. Lyrical… your poems are lyrical…

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    1. I am very lucky to be read by you, for this comment touches my heart. Colours have significance to me, I often see my feelings in colours and shapes, so I love it that you see this in my poems. As for lyrical… thank you, another treasured compliment… I try to choose words that sound musical together. Thank you my friend 💙


  5. I wonder why your post did not show up in my reader! Anyway to come to your beautiful poem…you have a gift, my dear friend! You may say you cannot write love poems but this and the one you had written earlier are wonderful poems. I was also going through other comments and I am adding my two bit, though I may be wrong…this one is more straightforward. Every layer reveals more love. Love it. ❤️❤️

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  6. Yet another adorable poem!

    It reminds me of high school young love and how intimacy grows in a wildfire who’s coals stay glowing though the fire has passed to somewhere else.

    I like how every line makes sense to the whole- every metaphor holds more than two meanings. It’s magic what you can do with words, and it’s wonderful how I can read it and feel that the words are about me- a horoscope of poetry.

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    1. How I would love to write you a horoscope – I wish I could!!! I know it would foretell a lot of great things for you in the future. Actually, a horoscope is a great idea for a poem!

      You really are too kind about my poetry, your comments always leave me smiling and happy.

      Thank you so much my friend. Hope this weekend tastes of freedom from exams!

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  7. writing history on the landscape of your body – you inspire me to look for the beauty around me, with your words nothing seems impossible – absolutely lovely R

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