A night full of subtleties

In a night full of subtleties
the moon’s ripples wrap around
my shoulders in the middle of the blades
you see the glistening lace of milky
shades, please trace
the faded patterns
of my life,
nuances written with
a sigh, a little strife
bathing in the crevices
of my skin, touch me
in the room of galaxies we live
with ease
I gently plead

it’s a night full of subtleties

image: picmix

96 thoughts on “A night full of subtleties

  1. Wonderful use of soft imagery to create an ethereal, delicate yet complex scene in a personal galaxy of a person or relationship, perhaps one with the self. Even in soft moonlight, our faded patterns show, along with the sighs of strife we wear in the crevices. A simple moment’s complexities weave subtly in your words. Bravo.

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    1. Thank you for understanding exactly my thoughts as I wrote this poem, and reflecting them back in a way that seems to make them more beautiful and clear than when they were in my own mind. I keep trying to write a love poem, something romantic, and it kind of saddens me that I seem unable to get there somehow – I am too immersed in all these other complexities and emotions I think… the impact of.. life. But, at least I managed to get some of the rhymes in my head out!

      A lengthy response to this I know, but I really appreciated your insight. Thank you again. 💙

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      1. You are kindly welcome. Humans make love more complex so it’s only natural that you feel that way. We all struggle sometimes to describe perfect moments without having some of those relationship imperfections coming through. I think you covered it all very well. Again, my pleasure ❤

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  2. “I keep trying to write a love poem…” well, you’ve written one now. This piece is so pretty, like a soft whisper beneath the moons gentle light, asking for a profound connection with another, whose heart beats in synchronized rhythm.

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    1. Well, to say that I am flattered is a bit of an understatement. I love, love this interpretation, as it speaks so well to how I feel. Your comment is so poetic in itself. Yes, asking for that profound connection, seeking to be ‘seen.’ Thank you my friend, it’s an honour to be read like this. 💙


  3. This is so, so very beautiful! You impart such a tender, soft glow to love that despite the complexities and subtleties you speak of it has basks in its own luminosity. Love this! ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Oh Punam, you are a softie for the moon I think! Love is such a complex entity, I wish I could just let my heart guide my head more. I tried to do that with this poem, I had no idea where I would end up with it. Thank you for seeing this soft glow and luminosity that I was trying to foster. You’re a treasure ❤️🧡

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      1. So I am! 😊 The meaning of my name is full moon, so maybe that’s the reason! 😀
        You should certainly let your heart guide you while writing about love. But with your head’s interference, your poem was elevated to a sublime level! ❤️❤️


      1. You are welcome. Really love what you have done with the moon’s ripples and how, with such a strong beginning, the rest unfolds without losing any strength. Actually this poem of yours is beautifully philosophical, reflecting on the world with nature and its magic force and on the self, the being trying to trace life’s journey.

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      2. Thank you, again. I felt like I did lose strength after the beginning to be perfectly honest, but I’m happy you felt it continued. I love your interpretation as this being philosophical, this gives me more credit than I am due!!! Thank you, again.

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  4. ‘The moon’s ripples wrap around my shoulders’ …beautiful imaginary.
    A longing to be fully seen, even in the ‘faded patterns’ and a longing for ease in ‘a night full of complexities’

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  5. Caught up in the complexities…trying to write a love poem and it saddens you? just read this aloud to my husband—delightful! And he’s grinning away cause he has no idea what any of this means-but no matter—the words sound pretty together. 💜

    So I paint this image for him of a beautiful woman standing on a balcony under the moon wearing an ethereal ephemeral crocheted milky-way white shawl (because I crochet 🙂 and she is looking at you with longing in her eyes—like “are you going to kiss me or what?” Ahhhh….romantic love…
    But the poor guy is like, “is this a forever thing? Or a one night fling?” Cause dang, girl! You are hot! And the way you speak to me? Make me crazy. (My husband said something like that to me 24 years ago—“you make me crazy”)🙃

    I’m giggling—“Inky” that’s a sweet nickname—wise words from the inkwell.
    The comments here are fun to read—a reflection of you!

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    1. This, has me grinning from ear to ear on so many levels, something that is not that easy to do!! You read it aloud to your husband??!!! Wow, I am so, incredibly flattered. So funny he didn’t understand it, but I love the explanation you gave him…. you obviously have a lot of romance between you, so beautiful!!!

      Funny you say about the crochet, as I was thinking about something like this when I wrote those lines. I find lace /crochet full of metaphoric possibilities, and very sensual.

      As for inky, I don’t know his actual name and there are occasions you really want to call someone by their name, or a nickname at the very least. I like ‘the inkwell’ as you suggested… also, I don’t really know how to address you either, and that’s a lot of times where I say “my friend”.

      So, my friend, thank you!!! 💙🧡
      – Rachel

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      1. Inky is just perfect, Rachel… Have to agree with NZ… this is a pretty magical piece and I often return a few times to read a piece and to see how others interpret it. Cheers! 🙂

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      2. Oh good! I’m glad to hear you are grinning. Yes-this is lovely to read aloud. My husband has an engineer’s mind. He understands technical engineering speak. Years ago he told me he hated poetry-because of his experience in school. Oh! My poor heart! But I get it, poetry, if it doesn’t come naturally, can be a difficult language to learn. And sometimes it doesn’t matter to me the actual meaning-as long as the words flow, sound pleasing, and I get an image/feeling. It can all be nonsensical.

        Crochet is sensual. It’s tough too. Infinitely creative outlet. For me it’s also a discipline and therapy. I think about my next poem when I’m hooking—helps me clear my head!

        You may address me however you choose as long as it comes from your heart. Zain is a word that special meaning to me—NZain-when said quickly sounds like insane and that makes me giggle. Maybe one day I’ll write a true reveal post-and unmask my identity! Until the, my friend Rachel-you can give me nickname if you like 😊

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      3. Ha! Yeah—we’ve both learned from each other— a good balance. Makes for interesting discussions.
        I look forward to your next poem 🙂


  6. I can’t believe that this didn’t show up on my reader. Each word drags paradise to eternal corners, and I’m happy that I could read this, truly. 😊

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    1. The ability to describe things like this “Each word drags paradise to eternal corners” is precisely what I mean when I say about your incredible descriptive and evocative imagery. I am very lucky to have this applied to my poetry, thank you 💙

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      1. You’re welcome. Also, I hope you know your very high position in 21st century poetry, honestly you’re one of the best I’ve read.

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      2. Ummm really!!?? You know, that has to be the highest praise I’ve ever received. Honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing with poetry…. I love writing, but I second guess everything I write. I try and absorb as much as I can by reading what other people write. And I guess I get pretty lost in feeling sometimes….

        Gosh, thank you. You seriously have no idea what this means to me. Talk about feeling encouraged!! 💙

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  7. Oh my. What is beyond gorgeous? Nuances written with a sigh.
    Oh, I wish I wrote that.
    Bravo. One of the best things I have read in days. This and another piece from someone else I read have really stood out.
    You are wonderful.

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    1. How do I properly say thank you for such a gorgeous comment? I really am not sure. I am grateful/humbled/appreciative etc don’t really seem to do the trick. Umm yep, just left with speechless as a euphemism for ‘i don’t really know how to say it.’

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      1. Laughing my head off.
        Not in any way trying to brag. But you must see the size of my blog. I stopped following people long ago. I usually blog read by using the like of a like or comment to visit a blog.
        Just too many people.

        I just followed you. I need to follow you. Must read poetry.

        Have a gorgeous day.

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      2. The chance of me having a gorgeous day has just increased significantly because of this outrageous flattery. I have seen the size of your blog, pretty hard not to notice. But more importantly, I have to say I really love reading your work, you have something magical and magnetic about the way you write. Hence the size of your blog. So, I am truly happy and honoured you would follow me.

        You have a gorgeous day too.

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  8. This reminds me of my high school summers when I would stay up all night to look at the stars. I used to lay in the farm fields here under the moonlight and half beg for the sky to take me away- for all of creation to give me one good reason to breathe the air. I was in love with something that could never reciprocate, but it was always in view.

    One of those times I fell asleep in the grass, and when I woke a deer and her fawn munched next to me in the dew. We stared at each other for a while, and they moved on with their lives. Every so often I wonder what became of them- I wonder what life is like for a deer that can never be hunted, and then I remember that as a human I am an animal that can never be hunted.

    Thank you for taking me back there, back to my first steps of self discovery.

    Also for some reason WP said I wasn’t following you so I fixed that and we’re friends again. Loved the poem, as always.

    Keep shining my friend.

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    1. Alexander… I had to read and re-read and then re-read again, this beautiful memory, so vivid and breathtaking is this image you describe. My heart is so touched by this soul who lay in the grass to look at the stars, who half-wished to become part of the universe. I know that my high school self would have joined you in these thoughts and in these fields…. you have provoked a memory of my own.

      “I was in love with something that could never reciprocate, but it was always in view.”

      Sigh. This took me right to the place you describe, under the stars.

      You know, you are such SUCH a talented writer. Your sci-fi stories are incredible. But I would also love to read something of yours touched by this wistful romance. Honestly, it is so beautiful.

      Now, this deer and her fawn, I think she recognised these things in you, wanted to join this peaceful quiet of your young heart, beg you to stay on the ground with her instead of being swallowed by the stars. She friended you and trusted you completely…. I can see why. If you went back there, I’d like to think she would come say hello to you again. Her fawn with a fawn of her own…

      Your friendship is a lot more to me than what WP can undo.

      Keep writing my friend, you have touched my heart.

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      1. I’m crying. Thank you. This response is everything and everything unsexpected. I’m indescribably glad to have found such meaningful friendships through this online world. I never expected this job would fill me with an overwhelming sense of belonging as it has.

        I hope that those memories are as bittersweet for you as they are for me. Often times the worst things are the most beautiful in life. I think that’s what makes happiness a good thing- that it can come from nothing we want to consider good at all.

        I will keep writing, for you and for that little fawn- even if that sounds conceited. But these friendships are keeping me together and giving my writing far more purpose than I had ever imagined. So I’ll keep your request in mind during my summer writings.

        Thanks as always for the smiles and tears. I enjoy every chance to read your beautiful work and communicate with you, and everyone else here on WP.

        Keep being, my friend.

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      2. I am very happy to bring smiles – and tears, as long as they are the kind that make you feel better rather than worse! I have always been an avoider of social media and things like that, but like you, I never expected to feel supported and encouraged like I have been, or to make people I truly consider friends. Sometimes I feel bothered that if I passed some of you on the street I would not even know that I had… but I like to think that there would still be some connection and at the very least there would be a warmth and a smile shared…

        You definitely need to keep writing, for yourself, and for all the people who enjoy your writing. And that little fawn. I’m sure there is an incredible story or poem within that.

        Good luck for your finals, nearly time that you can breathe again!!

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      3. I’ve made it to that time!

        And I’d like to say that I’m nominating you for the Liebster and Mystery blogger awards.

        The Mystery one I haven’t put up yet… but I will tomorrow.

        I don’t know if you do these taggy awardy things, but I honestly love your blog and want more people to read your poems.

        Thanks for everything, and I hope that if we ever do cross each other’s path we’ll stop and say hi before we go on with our lives!

        Happy everything.

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      4. I think we would stop and have a coffee Alexander! In fact, I am sure of it! I would make you.
        As for nominating me for these ‘awards’ I really really appreciate it. I don’t have a blanket rule about doing them or not, I just haven’t yet. Somehow I always get stage fright or think I won’t know what to write to answer! I will try!!
        And, CONGRATULATIONS for finishing your exams. Must be a wonderful feeling.
        To quote someone I really like: happy everything my friend!

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      5. Hahaha you wouldn’t need to force coffee on me! That is my bean fuel.

        I know how you feel about doin vs not doing them. They have both positive and negative qualities, but I’ve enjoyed them so far.

        Thanks! Passing is the wonderful feeling, I won’t know about that for a week or so.

        You have a happy everything too!!!

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      6. The idea that you wouldn’t pass is nearly as out-there as the idea that you would turn down coffee! I do not have a single doubt in my mind about that. Way too many brains and integrity.
        Happiest everything Alexander, that’s what you deserve.

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  9. I think we would stop and have a coffee Alexander! In fact, I am sure of it! I would make you.

    As for nominating me for these ‘awards’ I really really appreciate it. I don’t have a blanket rule about doing them or not, I just haven’t yet. Somehow I always get stage fright or think I won’t know what to write to answer! I will try!!

    And, CONGRATULATIONS for finishing your exams. Must be a wonderful feeling.

    To quote someone I really like: happy everything my friend!

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    1. Yes, so much can happen in the ‘here’ – so many subtleties. I have just come inside now from marvelling at the moonlight on the sea. Sigh…. soooo much beauty…. so many many many subtleties.

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      1. oh i recall the beauty of the full moon living on the coast, i used to sit outside on such an autumn night and enjoy the silence, you are blessed with such a gorgeous view, sigh from me too.

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      2. the sound of the sea is what i miss most i think, miss living by the sea. Rachel this is something i would so look forward to, I hope I get the chance to return one day, miss it so very much

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