The noisy silence

Another Monday and I still can’t hear

The DJ of this silent disco

He packed a duffel bag for his silence

And left it in the middle of my room

I trip over the absent echos 

As I look for the volume control

In this bag full of muted music

An excruciating crescendo

The loudest quiet of my life

I frantically mime to him

Please dance with me one last time

Headphones on the floor

Full noise

35 thoughts on “The noisy silence

  1. Silence can be very loud. The noise is all the pent up words struggling to be heard. You surprise me every time how you transpose emotions into concise thought. Love this one!

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    1. Honestly, your words are too kind. Silence can be the most meditative, still, beautiful place. But when it is filled with those pent up words you speak of, if can be so suffocating and painful. Or, if it is a silence imposed on you by someone else… who you don’t want silence with. Sometimes I think you understand my poetry better than I do myself. Thank you, my friend, as always. -R

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      1. i know that enforced silence too well, when our words stop to matter, when we lose the interest of the other party when in the past our words were valued, it can be so confusing am I right? i felt that in your words, but did not want to be presumptuous. that silence is so deafening because we have no outlet, the one who used to listen becomes immune to our pleas somehow. you have a sensitive soul, you’d feel the shift in a person’s manner, no matter how slight. what can i say except, you manage to verbalize my feelings so well

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    1. How flattering – a music video! But, there would be no music, so there’s that…. I think there is merit in the cliche that sometimes silence can be deafening. That is what I was trying to convey here. Thank you again 💛


      1. Ah so no music-just spoken word! You’ve painted a vivid image with this.
        I agree with the cliche. Sometimes when I’m sitting alone in the woods and it’s absolutely quiet—yes, deafening. I am noisy!
        You have the element of a lover here-or the longing of the lover? A lover who’s packing his bag and leaving?
        You are welcome 🙏🏻

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  2. How flattering – a music video! But, there would be no music, so there’s that…. I think there is merit in the cliche that sometimes silence can be deafening. That is what I was trying to convey here.


  3. There are silences we crave and silences that we abhor for they put us on an edge. I love how you have used all the terms related with music and sound to convey the absence of spoken words. Excellent and I so feel this. ❤️❤️

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  4. I love the near silence in my cottage at three in the morning when the city is at its most quiet hour. I never play music as background. Unfortunately, I cannot. Music possesses me even as background, and I can think and feel nothing but the song I’m listening to. So, I have to work in silence to get any work done.

    But wow! Do I love your poem! The imagery is so rich and vibrant. The mood so poignant.

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    1. I am the same with music – I find it too distracting to have on while I’m doing anything else that needs actual concentration…. I love that middle of the night quiet too. But not so much the other kind of quiet – the deafening kind. So happy you enjoyed the poem, and appreciate you taking the time to do so. These are very kind words you’ve given me; rich and vibrant. Thank you.

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  5. This is deep! Sometimes the silence is too silent… deafening. I am a lover of silence, but sometimes even silence can’t help the heart and mind that begs to be heard. And I’ve found that sometimes noise can’t drown out the noise, the chaos, that’s within. My friend, you always leave me speechless with your words. Another brilliantly written poem!

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    1. As always, you read my poems so perfectly. Silence can be so painful sometimes , and there are so many types of silence, many that, as you say, cannot be drowned out with noise. I love noise and I love silence, but I like to be in charge of the volume control! ❤️❤️

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      1. Lol! I totally feel you on the volume control thing! Sometimes it’s just nice to know we can dial up, or dial down, the things we don’t like. ❤️☺️

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  6. I’m comfortable with silence. I love it actually, except when conflict shows up. I need to express thoughts and feelings then, and feel chaotic if the other person involved in the conflict retreats into silence. I connect with “I frantically mime to him.” Sad yet brilliant.

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  7. This is absolutely heartbreaking… “The DJ of this silent disco.” “Headphones on the floor / Full noise” 💔
    May the dancer keep on dancing with the music of her words, for that way lies continued joy for all of us who read them.

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    1. Ahh thank you Nadine. It’s funny, I realise that there are some images I seem to keep using in my poetry, without even meaning to – sound, headphones…. I guess it’s those things that are lurking around the edges of our minds, that writing brings into more conscious awareness.

      I really appreciate your comment on this poem, as it is one that felt very personal and is kind of special to me. I am not religious really but I want to say blessings to you my friend, because you deserve them ❤️

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