Unclean breaks

Clean break, I heard the snap

All gone alligator, no lavish nap.

Tears all real, deflated zeal,

I’ll kiss you dry, your hands in mind.

The moon and sun we swapped for fun –

I never thought this day was done.

Clean break, but longed embrace,

Still standing on the precipice.

Bodies twirled, a together world,

While endings loomed, still hope unfurled.

Hand held




An unexpected glimpse of bliss ….

What could have been, now never seen

Can’t say goodbye, for you I try.

That was then, but this is now. 

I’d like to time-travel

– I don’t know how. 

I’d record our words, immense connection

Replay perfection in all dimensions

Instead I ache, still…. unrelented, that thing in me, so flawed, repented.

Now I know, as I still cry

It’s rarely clean to say goodbye.

Image: Shutterstock


29 thoughts on “Unclean breaks

  1. The pacing and rhythm and rhyme of this was soooo…

    “Hand held




    An unexpected glimpse of bliss ….”

    Fab,fab lines. Wonderfully inspired.

    I liked the love and regret and nostalgia woven together in this πŸ’œ


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