Like a moth to your flame…

28 thoughts on “Like a moth to your flame…

  1. the unsaid words and masked emotions gave me goosebumps.not too long ago i would have been that moth attracted to his light now a new light shines brighter than his dim glimmer. an evocative poem my dear, beautifully composed from the air you breathe.

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    1. Many unsaid words and feelings here…. you are completely right. The words for this poem emerged suddenly and would not leave me alone. I am so pleased you have found a brighter light, and hope that with this, you feel less weary trying to reach it…. Thank you so much for sharing these words, you sprinkled a kindness on me that makes me happy.

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      1. i looked for the light in all the wrong places, not knowing that light was in me all the while, and i know you have it too, just needs a little coaxing out. i am glad you let the words out, like you i don’t always have confidence in my words and sometimes delete the entire thing, but be assured your words are a source of healing and inspiration.

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  2. I love the possibilities of the transformative nature of moths/butterflies.

    “Shed like my dignity
    As I throw myself
    At any shred of your light”

    I’ve been this moth before, attracted to the light without seeing the danger before me.

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    1. Yes… That sacrifice sometimes we make of ourselves in a desperate bid for scraps of someone else’s light. It’s tiring, and can be soul destroying.

      I know it’s meagre, but this is one of my favorites poems that I have written. My favourites are not really the most popular ones!

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