Robot vs girl

He told her a story about how you can calculate anything, you just need logic and a formula.

She told him a story about how she can’t follow convention, even if she tries.

He told her a story he said was mundane.

She saw the intrigue and the mystery in the details. Contradictions, like icing, she found so delicious she could not help licking them from his fingers.

(This, she did only in her imagination. Of course. But that is what imaginations are for, or so she told herself).

He spoke of spreadsheets and the importance of precision.

She nodded her head but did not tell him how her heart regularly jumps out of her body and into her mind. Or, how it holds her white matter to ransom with emotional blackmail.

He immerses his mind into his next project.

She absent mindedly winds her necklace around her fingers, and daydreams that one day, this next project might be her.

27 thoughts on “Robot vs girl

  1. I really, really love this!!! I’ve had those moments before… stuck daydreaming about someone that has no idea of what’s going on in my mind, but if he knew he would be left blushing really hard. Lol. Beautifully written post, my friend!

    (Oh… Hope you get this comment. I left 3 comments on 3 of your other posts, but I think WordPress is sending them to your spam folder. One of my blog friends just informed me of this, so just letting you know I haven’t been a stranger! lol) 😊


    1. Hi! Yes, I just discovered I have a spam folder, and there are quite a few messages there…. why is that happening?? I’m pleased you can relate my friend, sometimes, it’s just as well people can’t read our minds!! I knew you weren’t a stranger, hope you didn’t think I was being one! x

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      1. Yay! You found my message! I was beginning to worry I may never be able to get through and I didn’t want you to think I went away. I told myself if you commented on one of my posts, I would tell you about the spam folder. Another friend of mine told me and I was like “Nooo!” Lol! Sometimes it happens. WordPress apparently likes to destroy people’s friendships! Lol! πŸ˜‚

        Glad to reconnect on your end of WordPress, my friend! Love your work!!

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      2. LOL! Yes sneaky, sneaky WordPress!! Yes, I’ve actually had time lately to post on here, but I don’t think you’ve missed too many. I am concerned that some of my other followers may think I haven’t been commenting on their posts though. Hopefully it’s not in their spam folders.. If so… Oh well! πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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      3. It honestly baffles me, as well. It can happen even to people we’ve approved on our comments. So I just make it a practice to check my spam folder everyday to make sure no one I know gets placed in there and sent to the trash. You’re very welcome!! πŸ’šβ˜ΊοΈ

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  2. “…daydreams that one day, this next project might be her.” This feeling isn’t unique to females. Sometimes I wish that my thoughts were heard, so that I wouldn’t have to say or think them anymore.

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