A living-room boat

Artwork by Pat Mellow, link below

These dreams,

Scented with hope and jasmine

Hip-hopped from a creased envelope,

And built a boat in his living room.

This boat,

Painted with notes of blues and glorious Brown

Demanded free of his weary furniture

And took him out on a journey

This journey

Unfolded itself from his heart

He followed it with his fingertips

And heard it sigh at his touch

These fingertips…

Lavishly sketched new maps

Found islands and grasped his dreams

All there within his reach

Even here in his living room


Inspired by artwork by my music-loving and talented friend, Pat Mellow.


25 thoughts on “A living-room boat

  1. love the way you crafted this, one word at the end that starts the next stanza, it has beautiful effect on the heart, as i read i feel a pull and tug to some hidden memory we humans share

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    1. A hidden memory we share – connections among us, dreams we wish we could reach. This comment has gone straight to my heart. I wrote this poem based on the artwork, and I think your comment reflects the piece of art beautifully.

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    1. If I achieved my words as in any way within the painting, I am so happy. I really appreciate your interpretation. The musical response from Pat Mellow has left me a little lost for words. Such a beautiful and touching gesture. Thank you again for your kind words.

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