Secret sequins

Every day when I get dressed

I find my pockets overflowing with my secrets

Where every secret is a shiny sequin

That burns inside me like a beacon 

Of raw desire, hurt, and lust and shame

Now and then when I get dressed

I think, today I’ll wear my secrets on my sleeves

Instead I choose a sleeveless shirt,

Where bare arms paint a picture of my hurt

A portrait of myself in muted tones


Once upon a time when I undressed,

I lingered.

I took the sequins from my pockets

Wearing nothing but an empty locket

And gently held the sequins shone like gems

At this moment

I got so hungry

For you to see me and devour me

My secrets naked there in front of you

Myself undressed.


12 thoughts on “Secret sequins

  1. the sequins created a path for this poem to find truth in nakedness not just of the skin but of the soul. i loved every line that connected with the next, your flow is impeccable. so beautiful!

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    1. Thank you Gina, that was exactly my aim – sometimes baring your soul feels as vulnerable as baring your naked body. And your comment about flow..: I really appreciate, you are so generous in your comments. Flow is not something I find easy to achieve, and in this poem I found it particularly difficult!

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      1. in a way being naked can be less revealing then telling someone our deepest feelings. yes the flow was smooth and delicate. I think we are the biggest critic of our own writing which is good as we want to create meaningful writing. i do enjoy reading your poetry very much

        Liked by 1 person

      2. oh thank you, i am so touched by that gesture. i am often late to posts and reading, working full time takes up the bulk of my day and i do want to catch up as much as i can. i too look for your posts now that i have found your writing. thank you again. i love the feedback you give me too. glad we can inspire one another!

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