Love of a paper crane

Like an origami crane

Your creases fold their way into my life,

Coloured whispers decorate your wings,

And paper feather songs you sing to me


I find you in my Bonsai tree

Writing words upon your paper and the leaves,

One thousand joined together you will weave,

Every shape a layer of your love for me.


Joined together with a string

Your fragile folds forever creased on me,

I hear your rustle flutter in the leaves,

my only wish to keep you here with me.


A group of one thousand paper cranes held together with string is called a ‘Senbazuru’ and is thought to grant the chance to make one wish come true.

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22 thoughts on “Love of a paper crane

  1. I tried to make an origami heart not too long ago. It would have made a great photograph for a poem about a broken heart, because it was a mess! But your origami crane, made of paper and your words, is sweet and lovely. I feel tranquil and inspired to try again.

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    1. Thank you so much for these kind words. I love your idea for a poem about a broken heart with your origami that didn’t quite turn out how you expected. A great metaphor for life/love/beauty/imperfection. Please do it, I would love to read it!!!

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