Submerged in the Wishing Well

Reach into the pool,

The cloudy depths

Holding wished-upon coins

Silvery glimmers

Under layers of time,

Proteozaic debris

Inviting you


On the precipice,

You lose your balance

Grasping at algae of dreams

Slippery with memories,

Pushing you under

Lead in your pockets

Sinking into



The bottom of the pool

You float in shadows

of childhood fairytales

drenched in tragedies,

Washing the

Dirt of denial

from your hands.



A halo of light,

Shimmering inward

A gift sent from the present

Filling your lungs with buoyant air

Gesturing you upward

Inviting life

Cleansed wishes.



23 thoughts on “Submerged in the Wishing Well

      1. I don’t say it to be kind, but to show you or remind you just how awesome you are, and how far you’ve come in such a seemingly short time. But time is irrelevant to the turnings in the mind ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. It certainly feels kind. I had never written poetry before, but I needed some other outlet for creative expression. I have to say, I have discovered that I really like writing, and reading what others have written. If my own poetry has improved, it is only through learning from those poems that I read – including yours. Your encouragement is so… validating, heart warming, motivating. Thank you.

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  1. i liked the feeling of hopelessness at the start that was lifted with resurfacing. but holding the wished upon coins just tugged at my heartstrings – such a beautiful phrase, i see as dreams waiting to come true

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