Sting of a drama queen

Driving the wrong way on a one way system,

Into the arms of a head on collision,

Grasping at the melodrama,

Playing cat-and-mouse with karma.


Auditioning for the part of drama queen,

Seeking attention for needs unseen,

Begging for some pain that you can see,

Sting me bumblebee, sting me.


Drowning to death in a half-cup of water,

Holding my wrists up for you to slaughter,

Crying buckets of dog-eared dreams,

Wrap my stings, don’t leave me.



13 thoughts on “Sting of a drama queen

  1. I could tell you some stories about all of your personal metaphors and what they remind me of…
    But instead I will take these bandages and wrap your wounds. Rest now, you’re not alone. I’m here with you.

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