Come to the beach

Come to the beach with me,

At least let me try to sell it to you..


Salty lips of the sun

Kissing your bare skin

Greeting freckles,

tracing your shoulders

Catching your breath

Silky tongue of the sea

Licking your dippy toes,

Shocking your body

with Enveloping coolness,

Tumble drying us

With gentle breath

Luscious curves of the sea

Inebriating your eyes

With tangible infinities

It’s clearness a glass

Filled with blue skies and mellow clouds

Reflecting feelings



Seductive rhythm of the sea,

playing your soul

tuneless lullabies

Drawing in, out,

Perfect Geometry

created and erased

Exfoliating skin

Again and again


Playful moon of the sea

Connecting you

To this moment,

The galaxy. Tides,

Circumnavigating the globe,

Connecting you

through time

Ocean waves

To us.

Written in response to prompt ‘Ocean Waves‘ on Free Thought Thursday, Kristiana, Free Verse Revolution.

Artwork: me


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