Apologies and rainbow dreams of a cloud.

It’s hard to be a rainbow, when you’re a dark and stormy cloud.

Like me.


I do try and keep my condensing to a mimimum.

For you

For example,

Once I tried to wrap you in a blanket, to keep you warm.

But it came out as snow.

People don’t enjoy my gloomy shades of grey



It’s hard to carry so much water, without spilling some as doleful rain.

That’s me.

I do try to evaporate as much as I can,

For you.

For example,

Once I tried to save my rain for when you had your umbrella.

But, I accidentally became torrential.

You were not prepared for cats and dogs, and you had big hair the rest of the day.

That was the least of what I caused.


I’m sorry.


Even clouds daydream.

For example,

I dream that, that one day, you put your hands out to feel me.

You put your umbrella down, and let your hair go wild.

You softly close your eyes

And let me play my storm for you

Like a gentle symphony on your face.


Also, even clouds share secrets.

For example,

This one, which I whisper to you in a moment on a breeze.

This secret is, if you

shine your light on me

I can become iridescent.

Refract and reflect me,

And you will see my full spectrum.

Just for a moment

A rainbow


Like you



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