Goodnight to the other side of the world

The world it tilts its way and nods to me.

It leaves me all its possibilities.

The dawn it’s rushing off to go to you.

To greet you for this day you have anew.


The moon unleashes self upon the sky.

It friends the stars but sings no lullaby.

It leaves me with no choice now but for bed.

I want to chase the dawn with you instead.


I ask the dawn to give me but a clue.

A way to swap the moon and stars for you.

It tells me stop now, time to go to sleep.

The moon and stars are here for me to keep.

This is a repost of an older poem, one of my first


23 thoughts on “Goodnight to the other side of the world

      1. You said it was one of your first. So you wrote what you knew and what you felt and that should always be encouraged and looked back on fondly.
        Your newer stuff is deeper and more sparky but still, this had a sweet innocence in a way


  1. someone across the world caught the magic in your poem, and would be sending you tiny kisses, blown by the wind, carried by the clouds, this was a lullaby so sweet i am lifted on candy floss dreams, you are such an amazing poet

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    1. Gina!! You are too kind!! I hope it was you who caught some magic in this poem – if there was any in it to find. Honestly, I nearly put this one back in my freezing sea of drafts…. Responses like yours make me reconsider its fate.

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      1. yes i caught it as it flew by and was warmed immediately! i am glad it saw the light of day, and came out of the frozen depths, it was so beautiful. ah tell me about those drafts, mine are all old and mildewed!

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  2. Aw this is so sweet and I imagine the person you wanted to swap the moon and stars for was wishing the same for you. Makes me think of a song I love by Bruno Mars called “Talking To The Moon”. Love this poem.

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    1. Awww thank you!! I wrote this quite a while ago when I was lamenting being unable to sleep, and thinking about calling friends on the other side of the world who would just be starting the day. I do this sometimes! And used to do it in the reverse when I lived overseas. I’ll give the song a listen. Thanks for your lovely comment, this was a poem I was really uncertain about reposting.

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      1. You’re very welcome! I know what you mean about the timezone barriers and not being able to sleep. Sometimes the Sandman doesn’t behave and we have to count the sheep later. In the meantime, we can leave lovely insomnia inspired messages for our friends! Lol.

        I love that you reposted this post. It speaks from the heart and that’s the best way to write… from the heart. I love your poems! Always heartfelt and thought-provoking!

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  3. How beautiful R! However much we lavish our words on the moon, the stars, the dusk and the dawn, they continue their journey oblivious to our pleas and indifferent to our praise. I am sure the one on the other side of the world feels similarly. Lovely! ❤️

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    1. I always admire your take on these cosmic issues, and you are absolutely right, the universe moves steadily and predictably, regardless of anything else…
      No-one in particular on the other side of the world, but sometimes when it’s night here, I wish I was up drinking coffee in the dawn. I am a sunrise kinda person, sleeping rarely is my friend. Thank you for your kind words ❤️

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      1. I have also written a couple of poems about halting time. I can understand what you mean. We always yearn for what we don’t have. It was beautifully expressed. Sleep happens to be a friend, maybe I can cajole it to befriend you! 😊❤️


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