A box of your words.

I found, a faded, dusty box.

Inside I found, not faded memories

But those shining as bright as a neon lamp

that I saw yesterday,

suggesting I go in.

I opened the box.

And longing for a broken dream jumped out and sat on my heart.

Like an unexpected jack in the box

given life and lodging in a new home.

Inside the box were your words.

I took your words out of the box

And I travelled.

In and out of weeks, until the years collapsed.

I touched your name

like you once touched me.

Like my every freckle was a masterpiece.


I held your words in my hands

And read each word you wrote me hungrily.

Like I was starving.

I devoured your words again.

And again,

Until the paper was torn and covered with bite marks.

In your words

I saw myself as you saw me.

A glittering reflection like the sky in the wet sand.

I saw you how I remembered you.

Like the other half of my soul.

Now I try to close the box.

It will not close.

I look for our footprints in the sand.

Somehow, they disappeared.

I look at the stars and I hope in that single moment, you are too.

I still wait by my letterbox.


30 thoughts on “A box of your words.

  1. every line, every word spoke so deeply to me, i have that kind of a box, it holds the memories, i loved this line especially – “I saw you how I remembered you.” – the final memory -so beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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