Conversations with Darkness


I silent walk through tangible dark,

it’s soft solidity makes its mark.

Into mind and onto skin,

Darkness gulps, it drinks me in.

A veiled whisper, hand on chest

It’s traveling paths that I know best:


“Here you are, you fragile beast

I am Darkness, you my feast.”


I start to gasp, I cannot breathe

The darkness smothers with its sleeve.

My heart it screams, I taste my fear

I can’t get out, my end is near.

Struggling, writhing, where’s my mind?

I need to think, escape to find…..


Then I look, through I see

This Darkness, it plays tricks on me

You are not solid, transparent thee

-fireflies, dancing playfully.


Darkness breaks, it struggles, goes:

“Oh please don’t go I love you so”

I stroke it’s cheek, my lungs relieved

“Darkness you’re my mind only.”


Visiting home, it’s holidays

This place I know, from my school days.

It’s known for sunshine, beauty too.

But a tunnel, I find, go through…


10 thoughts on “Conversations with Darkness

  1. Hah. This poem just makes me feel sad and lonely. Because I dunno, I identify personally with that ideation of darkness. The intensity, the all consuming needy sad thing… I’m not lost, but people do tend to get lost in me. And I am on a mission to set them all free.

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      1. Yes and no. It makes me smile to be seen and recognised, but sad because it reflects the reality of the situations. But I’m also not crazy and I know I am not darkness, and all because of the similarities and correlations doesn’t mean that the darkness and I are one and the same. 🙂 xoxo

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