Conversations with Darkness


I silent walk through tangible dark,

it’s soft solidity makes its mark.

Into mind and onto skin,

Darkness gulps, it drinks me in.

A veiled whisper, hand on chest

It’s traveling paths that I know best:

“Here you are, you fragile beast

I am Darkness, you my feast.”


I start to gasp, I cannot breathe

The darkness smothers with its sleeve.

My heart it screams, I taste my fear

I can’t get out, my end is near.

Struggling, writhing, where’s my mind?

I need to think, escape to find…..

Then I look, through I see

This Darkness, it plays tricks on me

You are not solid, transparent thee

-fireflies, dancing playfully.

Darkness breaks, it struggles, goes:

“Oh please don’t go I love you so”

I stroke it’s cheek, my lungs relieved

“Darkness you’re my mind only.”


Visiting home, it’s holidays

This place I know, from my school days.

It’s known for sunshine, beauty too.

But a tunnel, I find, go through…


17 thoughts on “Conversations with Darkness

  1. Hah. This poem just makes me feel sad and lonely. Because I dunno, I identify personally with that ideation of darkness. The intensity, the all consuming needy sad thing… I’m not lost, but people do tend to get lost in me. And I am on a mission to set them all free.

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      1. Yes and no. It makes me smile to be seen and recognised, but sad because it reflects the reality of the situations. But I’m also not crazy and I know I am not darkness, and all because of the similarities and correlations doesn’t mean that the darkness and I are one and the same. 🙂 xoxo

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  2. This Darkness, it plays tricks on me
    You are not solid, transparent thee
    -fireflies, dancing playfully.

    i like picking out verses that just stun me – this was one of them, you translate the beatings of the heart so masterfully. i am so glad you dropped by my blog so i could find you and read you.

    the darkness can be so inviting and sometimes it is the safest place to be, till it consumes us.

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    1. You know, this was one of my early poems, and was so full of the emotion of that time of my life (not that long ago!!). It means so much to me that you liked it, and your comment about it being s big story in a small space is wonderful. Thank you.

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