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Left with cryptic sadness

Ok. Since you asked. I will tell you one thing that is making me sad right now. But it is not my right now, it is my left forever. My left side that did kind of leave. But not in the way that a tree becomes decorated in spring. But in the way that a […]

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Trench coat futility

Today I put on my trench coat I tuck my magnifying glass into it’s folds. Fancying myself as a bloodhound, I put my nose to the air, searching for your scent, of crushed pine needles and paint. I pad softly behind you, pretending you might like that I am there. That you have left me […]

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A box of your words.

I found, a faded, dusty box. Inside I found, not faded memories But those shining as bright as a neon lamp that I saw yesterday, suggesting I go in. … I opened the box. And longing for a broken dream jumped out and sat on my heart. Like an unexpected jack in the box given […]

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Guilt runs through the veins of my body like a systemic poison designed to destroy me. It finds a place to lodge in every organ. in my heart, a special and designated place where it finds soulmate friends, fear and disdain. In my lungs it diffusely lingers, drawing in each breath to allow fuel the […]

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Cups of tea

An infusion of neurons, I’ll analyze your cup of tea. Look at the bottom of your empty cup To see what shapes I see … I’ll look for clues, like whose shoes You try to fill. And more. I’ll look for all the demons who camp out on your floor. … I’m not put off, […]

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The world it tilts its’ way and nods to me. It leaves me all its’ possibilities. The dawn it’s rushing off to go to you. To greet you for this day you have anew. .. The moon unleashes self upon the sky. It friends the stars but sings no lullaby. It leaves me with no […]

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Conversations with Darkness

Epilogue: I silent walk through tangible dark, it’s soft solidity makes its mark. Into mind and onto skin, Darkness gulps, it drinks me in. … A veiled whisper, hand on chest It’s traveling paths that I know best: .. “Here you are, you fragile beast I am Darkness, you my feast.” .. I start to […]

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