Lines of love

Inspired by this beautiful artwork by Muntazir (link below) … A paper disguise for a velvet love A love too much to stay on one page Over and flowing the folds of her dress As strong and soft as water A warm infinity pool of soft Cashmere blankets, Obsidian strength and kissed tears. Arms trace […]

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Rainbows and Predators

First: Words circling my mind, like the swirling, twirling colours of a gymnasts’ ribbon. Their rhythmic flutter brushing my mind gently, like the hair pushed back from my neck by a kiss. A selection of focused clarities, like emotions in fluid motion, waiting to pour from my soul in a tumble of happiness. ….. Second: […]

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A box of your words.

I found, a faded, dusty box. Inside I found, not faded memories But those shining as bright as a neon lamp that I saw yesterday, suggesting I go in. … I opened the box. And longing for a broken dream jumped out and sat on my heart. Like an unexpected jack in the box given […]

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Cloudy charades

I looked at the clouds today And in their game of charades in the sky I saw one take the shape of my dreams A spectral projection of my desires, beckoning me to see. … This cloud of desires It reached out and enveloped me, With a kiss of mist so dense in feeling, It […]

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Lady sleep

Breathe in Gentle Soft There is room in you for everything Let the tentacles of lady sleep Close your eyes and pull you under Let yourself succumb To the depths of her womb Fall into her arms from your tower Grasp the tendrils of her psychedelic hair Don’t let them slip through your fingertips… …You […]

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Lavish wishes

Bare arms covet the sun While wisps of freckles bloom In speckled maps of life done .. Gazes of desire flip Dance with gentle breeze Find maps of lust on bitten lips .. Later .. Under a werewolf moon. Bodies transformed with howls Hunting together in the room .. Coveting each other Pale moon-light drenching […]

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Mountains magnificent,  defining insignificance,  like opened up pop-ups scissoring the sky. 

I’d run my finger gently, (desires eloquently), along that jagged line defining bright blue sky and earth.  I feel this thing immensely, strangely and intensely, as tangible as a silence, longing to be broken.

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Unclean breaks

Clean break, I heard the snap All gone alligator, no lavish nap. Tears all real, deflated zeal, I’ll kiss you dry, your hands in mind. The moon and sun we swapped for fun – I never thought this day was done. … Clean break, but longed embrace, Still standing on the precipice. Bodies twirled, a […]

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The grip of shame

This shame you speak of You lay yourself naked in front of her Like she is your merciless lover Decadent, intense, she wants it all Ruthless she holds a knife to your throat And you succumb like an innocent lamb Before her … This shame that consumes you She wants you seduced by her memories […]

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A song that keeps me awake

A middle of the night, insomniac reblog of the same song that still keeps me awake… … I replay you in my mind, over and over,. Like the loved, beautiful song in my head, all night, I cannot sleep with you on repeat. … I close my eyes, and wait for the inevitable chorus of […]

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