Sunday hues

This afternoon wears my sadness in her palest eyes of Sunday blues she said she’s not a languid Friday, with arms stretched out in forever she is the ending of infinity the beginning of an end she huddles from the cold, she is a dancer in slow motion, falling and her smile is thin and […]

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Clingy with goodbyes

I found my first goodbye in the palm of my mother’s hands, sharp against the smooth satin of our skin this goodbye was the rainy day that shaped the retinas of my eyes and the vertebrae of my soul It lasted longer than the days and the weeks I grazed my knees with it and […]

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A moment of fireworks

The boom freezes us in time and the clock stops – chimes in with a gift that shocks our pulse and floods our synapses, with tick tock packages of phosphorescence, incandescent, no? Really, I feel like we’re all a flock of fireflies in swirling smoke, evocative shadows on our lips I catch the static of […]

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Parting words and shattered worlds

The sunset is dead, oceans are crying, the sky is vicious in red, people are lying. Life is sickeningly beautifulAnd beautifully slick With the blood of the dawnThat arrives much too quick You walk as you yell,Left alleged of a purple dreamThe stars and the wind widen a voidTo pull in the morning and night, to divide the […]

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A gaze he had to meet

even in this crowded room it was the type of gaze that filled the air between them, it swerved the corners of reality with tangibility – he felt it’s whispers wrap the shoulders of his fears and write a message in the atmosphere for him to see the invitation that she painted there, in silken […]

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A lament for my lost instrument

It’s a pleasing thing to hear my whispers turned into roars by the ocean, timid sounds that roll around seashell necklaces of the mermaids I beg to magnify the crescendo of the waves and I crave the thunderous noise of my fingers like a pianoforte in the seafoam, or a screaming storm in a teacup […]

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Trenchcoat futility

Today I put on my trench coat full of desires of a different day I tuck my magnifying glass into my pocket and I am a bloodhound, hunting the air for your scent of poetry, vinyl and paint and hints of smoke and mirrors. I pad softly behind you, full of delusions and confusions I’m […]

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A night full of subtleties

In a night full of subtleties the moon’s ripples wrap around my shoulders in the middle of the blades you see the glistening lace of milky shades, please trace the faded patterns of my life, nuances written with a sigh, a little strife There, bathing in the crevices of my skin, touch me in the […]

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Peter Pans in Ever-land

There was a time when Forever was an easy thing to say when the leaves were luscious promises of another day and we inhaled the air with elastin lungs and hungry tongues That flourished in a bloom on our tastebuds Then, darkness was faraway and we were Peter Pans in ever-land dancing bodies, glasses in […]

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Dreams of herself

There was a girl Her eyes blurred with rain and skin bleached by ghosts Her hair a wistful wysteria on a sun-drenched porch, that she wound round her fingers while she dreamed Of a self that she always looked for … She dreamed of a house Where purple flowers of her hair became a paintbrush, […]

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Friday effervescence

It was a cloudy, dreary Friday But that didn’t stop her The Friday effervescence Florescent in her veins She puts lush wishes on her lashes With fingertips of wanderlust She seeks out sunset crashes and rushes to the rain. She wears an energy of dynamite Her burning hands within her pockets She grasps a shock […]

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Lines of love

Inspired by this beautiful artwork by Muntazir (link below) … A paper disguise for a velvet love A love too much to stay on one page Over and flowing the folds of her dress As strong and soft as water A warm infinity pool of soft Cashmere blankets, Obsidian strength and kissed tears. Arms trace […]

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Decluttering sadness

My name is sadness. We know each other well. Today I’ve been nesting. I’ve been in your cupboard, the one under the stairs, haunted by the ghost town of your life. I put on old songs and found fragments, litter, so many broken shards. Old photographs of friends, abandoned in their frames. A box of […]

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Friday brights

With you Friday nights are always beautiful and breathless achingly so your eyes a sea of wild – petals fallen from a feral rose, a bouquet that bites in contradictions at my throat where you play softened words and quickened heartbeats in that space within your gaze magnolias that line a city street I flourish […]

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Under and over

From under I watch the waves of your breath as they roll with the tide of your thoughts into my shoulders they crash thirsty shores like a drink while the beach of your mind, gently washes your driftwood wishes into sea that you find is my skin shipwrecked in dunes you listen to sounds in […]

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A photograph

I opened up the door and a photograph walked in and touched me with an open hand so gently on my face, soft fingers that left a trail of sighs across my memories my fantasies defy an ocean and my heart begins to race to you right now I don’t know how a photograph can […]

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Guest post: Foxes and Poems

If you have not seen, read, heard, and been enveloped by this audiovisual and poetic masterpiece by Foxes and Poems, I highly recommend it. My response to this “Ode to Anaïs Nin / Delta of Venus and the Eternal Nothingness” does not come from a place where words even exist to describe it. That place […]

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A littered mind

The day lies out on the floor with her along with all the other days that would satisfy a landfill of empty hearts a tattered catalogue of the missing parts of her self in varied states; despondency and despair, the days that now parade themselves in carnivals of nightmares and memories she wishes she could […]

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Rainbows vs predators

First: words circle my mind, like the swirling, twirling colours of a gymnasts’ ribbontheir rhythmic flutter brushing my mind gently, like the hair pushed back from my neck by a kiss.A selection of focused clarities, emotions in fluid motionwaiting to pour from my soul in a tumble of happiness. ….. Second: words stalking my mind, […]

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